Mighty M

Posted: June 30, 2008 in FHinlife

I get a message from Mighty M. Mighty M is my weight management coach, sometimes shrink, full time running guru!

“I am writing a piece for the PDI lifestyle section about maintaining proper diets. Can I tell them about your experience?”

I reply, “Sure, why not!” And then I quickly add, “Wait! What experience?” I have a lot. I wasn’t sure if this was one of those stories I had chosen to chuck deep deep down earth’s incinerator core so it would burn, burn, burn!!

She replies, “It’s a piece on how when you really start recording and paying attention to what you eat you get better results! I’m using you as an example. How when you lessened your sports drink intake for runs less than an hour and just took more water you finally started to hit your target weight!”

“Oh that! ” I say, meanwhile my brain is sprinting at an elite runner’s pace… How do I get a concession out of this? I frame my next statement very carefully. ” You mean that whole solid-liquid issue we had? How it was actually the liquids I was taking that was messing up my diet and not the solids like pizza and pasta?”

“Yes,she says. But you still better lay off those pizza slices! ” She is not Mighty for nothing. She shoots me down before I even make my move!

Dang! I sigh… “Ok, fine! You can write about it! ”

“Oh!” She adds. “I need to include your name and occupation. What again is your occupation?”

“Exotic dancer!” I quickly reply.

I get a smiley with a raised eyebrow! Drat!


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