Posted: June 30, 2008 in FHinlife, run, running
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Batgirl: Why haven’t you submitted your road ID details? Don’t you want to order one?
Me: I don’t know whose contact details to put in case of an emergency
Batgirl: Why not put down QMum and EDad’s details?
Me: I don’t want to give Emperor Daddy a heart attack! Besides, he only likes using his phones to file jokes and as photo album for my cute and cuddly as a pooh bear nephew! And… If they call Queen Mum and its an emergency and they tell her i’m in my death bed then she’ll just give me a sermon and a quiz.
Batgirl: A sermon?
Me: Yes, about road safety. How I never really think before I leap/ run/ jump! How I still need to be reminded to look left or right before the crossing the streets. How its always best to have a buddy while navigating through life’s streets. And extra pair of eyes. Someone’s hand to hold.  You know! Basic stuff I should have learned in kindergarten but never did.
Batgirl: And the quiz?
Me: Much the same one she expects St. Peter will give me at heaven’s gate. I don’t think she knows the address to my mansion in hell yet. She’ll probably ask me about the lives of saints…
Batgirl: Oh. How about your sister’s number? Maybe Sr. Sister’s number? She’s responsible isn’t she?
Me: I run early mornings and evenings. Either she is doing the lauds or vespers with the congregation. I don’t think you are allowed to use your cellphone when you are praying? Kung Fu panda will be really annoyed!
Batgirl: Hmmm… Howsabout the brothers?
Me: The brothers have this genetic condition. They never hear phones, doorbells, even cars honking.They never did when we were young. I expect that condition can only worsen with age… I guess I’ll just put your number and SeriousCat??
Batgirl: Okkkkkkeey…
Me: Then you’ll be taking care of calling QMum?
Batgirl: Ooohkkkeeeyyy…
Me: Thanks! Hmmm…you probably should brush up on the lives of saints too, huh?


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