ironman from the inside

Posted: July 7, 2008 in my trips 2008

I found this video while trawling through the triathlon/ironman sites. For those of you who are wondering what it’s like to be a part of the Ironman competitions well this video shows everything from the point of view of the ironman.

For the first time in history, watch an 11 hour Ironman journey in 3 minutes– from the point of view of the athlete himself. Join triathlete Mitch Thrower as he shows you Ironman from the Inside!

Needless to say my ironshoes were magnetized to the European Ironman competition that occurred outside the streets of Frankfurt the whole day yesterday. It was truly inspiring watching these athletes pushing themselves beyond the normal limits of human endurance…and coming into the finish lines with victorious smiles on their faces. It didn’t really matter if you were the first or the last person in. The crowd, which was said to be 500,000 strong, celebrated with each and every finisher! Their achievements were ours…and for a few hours it was a joy to live vicariously through their pains and their eventual triumph.

The event went on ’til the late hours of last night. The sun had already set (and since it is summer, the sun sets at 10pm in this part of the world) by the time they lit the fireworks to signal the end of the competition.

As the fireworks lit the sky, I looked up knowing that while I gazed in awe at the pyrotechnic display over the plaza that night… nothing truly shines brighter than the human spirit!


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