toledo, spain 120708

Posted: July 19, 2008 in my trips 2008
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toledo, spain

toledo, spain

The temp was at 36C that day. It was dry heat. Heavy, oppressive, dry heat. The kind that made you feel like your head was getting smaller by the minute and a few seconds away from imploding. It was a good thing the walls of the huge cathedral kept the heat out. It was cool and dark inside. We sought refuge there.

We had started the day much later than planned. Buying our tickets at Madrid’s estacion de atocha was a bigger challenge (and headache) than expected. Thus we arrived at toledo’s station in the early afternoon instead of in the early morning.

Toledo retains its road plan from the middle ages. It’s roads are narrow and twisting. The terrain was also quite irregular and sometimes steep so this posed a challenge to the more ‘mature’ (read older) members of our group.

Toledo’s cathedral spires forces you to squint your eyes and look up… a lot! Even when you find yourself under the blinding sun. The city is packed with a wealth of monuments. Its got churches, fortresses, mosques and synagogues reflecting the influence of different cultures. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Definitely worth a day trip (or two) from Madrid.


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