running in pau’s boulevard des pyrenees

Posted: July 20, 2008 in Uncategorized
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It was twilight by the time I made it to the boulevard des pyrenees in pau, france. The boulevard is a 1.8km stretch overlooking about 200kms of pyrenees mountains. The hotel concierge told me that the range is about 50kms away from the city. I will schedule a visit one of these years!  The side of the boulevard lining the  cliff has a  balustrade covering the entire stretch. The Gave (river from the pyrenees) can be seen below.  There are trees and wide green benches lining one side of the road.Here tourists and locals can sit and relax and enjoy a quiet moment. Further down the road are open air bars and restaurants.  On one end of the stretch you will find the chateau de pau (the castle) where King Henry the IV was born. It is now a museum.  At the other end is the palais beaumont and the parc beaumont (public park). These places are worth a visit. A pity I only had time to view them from the  outside this trip! Oh well, there will be other days…and with luck, a chance to visit again.

I did not have much time this run. We had come in later than originally planned from Lourdes. By design it had to be short and easy! I was also starting to get hungry. The setting sun cooled down the place a bit. I came back the next morning to take a few more picture and it was hot,! The views offered by the mountains range on one side and the buildings, statues and bars;-)  on the other added an interesting dimension to this run.


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