the wormhole in my house

Posted: August 13, 2008 in FHinlife, running
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There is a wormhole in my house. One of these days I will need to close it down. It has managed to suck in my driver’s license, my iphone and my road ID. Also once, a few weeks ago, my car keys. But it spewed that back out within the hour. It still hasn’t returned my driver’s license though and it’s holding on to my road iD.

I’ve had this wormhole for a while. Its never bothered me that much before. Normally it just sucks things in. I’m convinced that there is a laboratory at the other end which studies the stuff they get from my house and, when they are done with it, they just throw it right back in. This explains why my mobile phone ended up inside my ref. They really should be a little bit more thorough in that lab, I think. They should, at least, return the things exactly where they got them!

But I think the technicians are getting bored. Their experiments seem to have progressed. They’ve just sent something back from their dimension. Rather, they sent someone. She introduced herself as the Amazing Brattinella Sloth. She tells me she is a super heroine of epic proportions where she comes from. I’ve been hosting her in my house these past few days. I’ve had no choice. At first, I didn’t really find her powers all that impressive. All she did was sleep and eat and complain about the lack of chips in my pantry. But then early Sunday morning, when I told her I was off for a run, she told me to stay in bed and enjoy the cold, dark room. “There is nothing out there worth seeing,” she says in a stern voice of grave portent. I’d have to admit that I felt the cold, harsh yet seductive grip of her powers then. Then deep hypnotic sonic waves lulled me back to sleep. I almost didn’t make it out the door. It’s a good thing my phone, now safely out of the ref, started ringing.

And then this morning I was supposed to go out and do my tempo run. She blocked the door, threw my newtons down the wormhole! It was almost a fight to the death! But I did manage to get out. I wonder when I will get my shoes back…

It’s going to be like this for a while, I guess. I need to get rid of this guest. Anybody out there willing to take her in?

  1. littlea says:

    Not willing to take her in. I have one of my own, but she seems to feed on socks. I think she lives in my drier.

  2. littlea says:

    actually, in my dryer.

  3. myironshoes says:

    ;-)haha. yeah they like the socks but always, always leave the lint behind!annoying little bunch of house guests!

  4. lonerunner says:

    She might just need a date… 🙂

  5. myironshoes says:

    haha! lonerunner, you might be on to something… i guess i just need to start asking around for volunteers 😉

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