channelling the olympics…

Posted: August 15, 2008 in running
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“Come on, swim like a Michael Phelps,” I urge my car on as I tap a bit impatiently on the steering wheel. Rain is pouring heavily and the streets are filling fast with water. It’s a slow crawl through the wet streets. In front of me is a fluid kaleidoscopic haze of red and yellow lights. I can barely see a few meters ahead of me. We do the drive at dog paddle pace.

I get to the gym and start with the program. We are working on arms and legs today. “Think Hidilyn Diaz!” I tell myself. If the girl can lift 192kgs you can certainly do 15kgs!” So I focus and do my lunges and squats and lifts. My trainer eyes me with suspicion. He is not used to me being this quiet, this focused during a workout. “Are you all right?” he finally asks. His voice betrays that he is far more curious than concerned. I smile. “I’m good,” I tell him. And, like a girl possessed, work on finishing my set.

I look up from the leg curl machine and I see Batgirl sneaking down the stairs, shoeless “I had to skip out of the yoga class,” she explains with a shrug. “So, are we running in the rain?” She asks.

Thursday is our tempo day. We normally do the runs in the morning but for want of extra sleep hours, we both decided to just move it to Thursday night.

I am almost at the end of my workout and I feel the inside of my head buzzing. I nod in Batgirl’s direction but my answer sounds more like a question. “Yes?!” I say. She changes tact. “Has it stopped raining yet?”
“I’m not sure,” I confess. Batgirl heads for the window as I rush to the water cooler to gulp down 2 glasses of water. Think newbie synchronized swimmer. Boy, those nose clips can sure come in handy sometimes.

“It’s still drizzling,” Batgirl reports. “But I think it’ll be over by the time we get to the loop.”

I walk over to the window and gaze at the street below. The streets seem to be glowing. I nod and we head out the gym. I drive to the loop. There is no F1 formula racing included in the Olympics event. That’s probably a good thing.

“Think Catherine Ndereba. Think Catherine the Great!” I tell myself before Batgirl and I start off with the run. It works! For about 20 meters. I start off strong and immediately start sputtering. Dang! I look at my legs and start negotiating with it in my head. “Just 7 kilometers.” I whisper. “Just 7 more and you can rest till Sunday.” I start rattling off other names that come to mind… “Noguchi! No. Brian Sell! Brian Sell without the beard? Paula Radcliffe! Paula Radcliffe when she was pregnant?” Not even. Still no go. I am having a difficult time hitting my pace. I focus on Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. Finally, I get some acceleration. And it’s like this for a while. But my legs are getting heavier with each round. I hit the final stretch. My breathing is now clearly labored. I stop thinking.

“Where do we eat?” I ask Batgirl as soon as we both finish with our run. She looks at me. She is tired and also refuses to do any thinking. She slowly raises her hand and points vaguely to something behind her. I decide she means the Japanese place near my house. As soon as we find our seat, I immediately point out five things from the menu. The waitress nods and turns to leave. Batgirl stops her. “That’s just her order, she explains patiently.” I haven’t decided on mine yet.” Waitress blinks but stays in place. Think Takeru Kobayashi, world champion eater. It’s not even an Olympic event. But who cares?

  1. littlea says:

    You’re funny. Brian Sell without the beard… genious

  2. littlea says:

    genius… I wish I could spell

  3. lonerunner says:

    hahaha… m on a diet, then i will b reminded f Ben n Jerrys chunky monkey.:)

  4. runmd says:

    I was in BHS on Thursday too. I started running when it was drizzling but didn’t stop even after the rain poured. I got soaked down to my skivvies but I enjoyed it!

  5. myironshoes says:

    runMd, sayang! I would have joined you in your run if we got to BHS earlier.

    lonerunner, DIET is a very mean word! Shhh! We do not want it contaminating our heads! 🙂

    littlea, i actually prefer genius with more Os and a Z! ;-)I remember my grandmother saying, “my apo (grand child) is a geniiooooosz!” whenever one of us would do something particularly brilliant in her book. Don’t you think the extra letters allow for more drama to enter the word? I think so! 🙂 haha! and yeah! Go Brian Sell!

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