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Posted: August 20, 2008 in marathon, run, running
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Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008
7 December 2008, 530 am

1 year of dreaming
16 weeks of focused training
108 breakfasts
705 training kilometers
0 injuries, please
3.5 hours of flying x 2
40,000 plus runners expected
5 hour goal time

My first marathon.

But, as always, the numbers will tell only half the story…

  1. workaholicrunner says:

    Good luck in December. Remember to enjoy the experience and also treat the post-race as a well earned vacation.

    Thanks!! That’s the Plan! 😉 Hope your work days are shorter now and you are getting more time running too. Guess, I just confessed to lurking in your blog! Running a half/full in NY is a dream…

  2. DATC says:

    Whoa, this is it! Last sunday’s run was a perfect way to kickoff your training. Good luck and stay injury free!


  3. jinoe says:

    I want to join this as well but haven’t made up my mind yet. Magastos to. Goodluck sa inyo na sasali.

    Salamat!! Jinoe, timing lang yan! (managing to book a cheap or 0 fare plane ticket and then asking your friends in SG at the right time to house you!) 😉

  4. prometheuscometh says:

    Go for it and good luck! Once you have done it anything else will feel easy by comparison.

    Haha! Thanks, Prom, the brat in me wants the easy part NOW!!

  5. thefitmommy says:

    Wow! Goodluck and Godbless this coming December… Kayang-kaya mo yan… I would also like to say that I LOVE redaing your blog. You’re an excellent writer. Sort of on the sarcastic side sometimes, which I like. Your writing echoes of OUTSIDE and ESQUIRE magazines… Happy training!

    🙂 Thank you, fitmommy! You just made my day!

  6. workaholicrunner says:

    Well, one day I hope you make it to a New York half or full marathon. The New York Road Runners put on a well organized show.

    Someday maybe I will try to run Singapore. But I’m afraid that I have been living in North America for so long that I doubt if I will be able to run a marathon in a tropical place like Singapore so close to the equator.

    Haha! I understand what you mean. Actually I catch myself thinking that too. Especially before a tempo run. Sometimes staying in a bed (so close to the equator) definitely makes more sense. 🙂

  7. kingofpots says:

    mesh, i know your running coach had devised a nice program for you to finish your 1st marathon and i am confident that you will finish it comfortably. good luck on your training. run smart & happy running!

    Thank you. I’m definitely running happy… still working on the running smart bit! 🙂

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