13.1 miles of rock n’ a lil bit of roll

Posted: August 26, 2008 in marathon, my trips 2008, run, running
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We’ve all learned to accept that in our family conventional methods simply do not work. There are just too many of us and way too many complications when it comes to fixing schedules. Over time democracy has proven to be  closer to demo-crazy so it has been scrapped all together. Anarchy is still allowed but only in the summers.  Now, Queen mom simply bangs the drums and blows the horns. You ignore it at your peril…

It was one of those gatherings. A summons was received from mother. And it proved to be an important reason to gather. My sister SAM finally announced her wedding date! (She’s getting married in November in Florida.) Five seconds after I learn this and the date sinks in (maybe 10… Bolt did run the 100 meters in under 20 seconds! Sometimes it takes my brain just a wee bit under that to catch up.) I had my brother’s laptop on my lap  and was  online confirming my participation in the Rock n’ Roll San Antonio Half Marathon!

I’ve always wanted to run in a Rock n’ Roll marathon. In fact, it was partly because I read about these races in Runner’s World magazine  that I agreed to start running races in manila with Batgirl. Marathons are cool but rock n’ roll marathons just add a wee bit more excitement to the whole mix because it brings together three of my passions: running, rock music and beer (read: free-flowing) ! There are other passions of course. These are just the three I could easily admit to without needing to hide a blush.

This will be the inaugural event for the race in San Antonio, Texas. The route is supposed to be  fast, flat and scenic.  The full marathon is a Boston qualifier. Both the half and full marathon course will pass by the Alamo and other signature attraction sites in San Antonio. There will be live bands playing every mile (they promise a total of 70 bands in all) and 40 cheer stations.  Right now they are busy recruiting volunteers to act as support teams to give out gels and powerdrinks. There will even be cold sponge stations. Makes me wonder though if I’m going to be needing it. I think I’ll have a harder time keeping those muscles warm. It takes me a while to thaw. Predicted temperature will be in the mid 60s. Well, we will soon find out.  Best of all, the event ends with a headliner concert. Past performers in other marathons were Seal, the Goo-Goo dolls, Collective Soul and Sugar Ray. I don’t really know who is performing in this one yet. But then again, I’m easy. Rock and roll easy…

I think the hardest part of running this race will be to actually remember to stop watching and partying and to keep running. It’s a good thing  hotVix a (T2 running mate) will be with me in this half-marathon. I will be running this route as part of the 30+ kilometer training run I am scheduled to do that Sunday according to my program. This will be the final week before we start the taper for the Singapore Marathon.

When my sisters engagement was announced in December, the 12 year old who resides in the attic in the back of my head started hoping she would get married in June. Rock and Roll Marathon San Diego was happening then. It was going to be tight but I was ready to plan out  a whole operation with my trusty sidekicks, Sneak and Caper! It didn’t happen then. But it sure is happening now! Rock and a lil’ bit of roll plus a whole lot of running…I can’t wait!

  1. littlea says:

    Yay! You’ll be running in Texas! I think you’ll love it!

    Oh I’m sooooo looking forward to it!

  2. prometheuscometh says:

    Wooow!!! San antonio and Singapore? Go for it! Congratulations to your sister too!

    thanks, prom! See you at Mckinley hills!

  3. workaholicrunner says:

    As a former Texas resident, I would suggest visiting the outlet stores in San Marcos after you run in San Antonio. If you like shopping for running apparel, shoes, and other paraphernalia, this is a great place to get good deals. San Marcos is situated between San Antonio and Texas.



    Just be careful of those green bananas. I ran the P.F. Chang’s Rock /N Roll half marathon in Phoenix earlier this year. The organizers had a lot of bananas but they were still green – hardly edible.

    Woohoo! I get to do some shopping too?!!! This just gets better and better! Thanks a lot for the tips!

  4. DATC says:

    Wow exciting! Gels, powerdrinks and foam at the aid stations? Who needs bike support if you got aid stations like these? Not to mention the bands that will surely help keep you going. Looking forward to experiencing vicarious thrills through your race report 🙂

    haha! we are still wishing you will make it to singapore with your bike though…

  5. Gene says:

    Grabe mukhang fully book racing schedule mo leading to the marathon 🙂

    Halloo Gene! Actually its just the KOTR 21K on my list. It’s going to be a sort of test to see how well the training is going. Everything else we’ve signed up for is simply going to be ran at training pace… Para lang may kasama other than the gang inside my head. haha!

  6. thefitmommy says:

    Wow! I’m excited for you! And I can’t wait for your run story about this. I love your writing VERY much – but hope you can post some pics from this marathon and the one in Singapore? 😉

    And congratulations to your sister too! 😀

    thanks fitmommy. yes there will be pictures… i don’t think i can send them to squat in bananarunning’s site this time. our gang runs the same races so it made more sense to post all the pictures in one place. a place they actually know to visit. (except for batgirl the rest didn’t know this site existed. haha!).

  7. workaholicrunner says:

    Sorry, I meant San Marcos is between San Antonio and Austin. Also, try to visit Austin. It is a nice city with a very active running community. Kristin Armstrong, Lance’s ex-wife, lives in Austi and is a columnist for Runner’s World.

    Oh! i just assumed Texas finally decided to be a separate country altogether! Haha! 😉 thanks again. So many places. I am getting more and more excited.

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