from zombie to zzzs…

Posted: August 28, 2008 in FHinlife, running
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I haven’t slept. Not in the last two days.

Sleep and I, we’ve always had this love-hate relationship. I love sleep. It hates me. It’s rarely around.

It’s not my first duel with sleeplessness. Usually, I just read books until my brain shuts down. I finished Dean Karnazes’ Ultramarathon Man last night.  Karno says there is magic in misery. Well, I’m still waiting for the magic to come. But, the book is indeed a fantastic read. Insanely inspiring. A masochistic thrill with bits of gory details about toenails mistaken for clamshells. I would enjoy reading it any other day. I did enjoy reading it last night. But it was the wrong choice of book to read. It had opposite the desired effect. It didn’t make me tired.  It made me want to go out and run at two in the morning! The guards in my building really don’t need any more reason to put the mental ward on the building’s emergency contact list. So i just looked for more books on my ‘to read’ shelf.

Batgirl says I should try meditation. But I don’t really know how to make that work for me. I did read the new russian poetry anthology 1953-1968. I don’t know if that counts.

Snuffy says I should try ‘changing my environment.’  Well, I can’t move the bed. And I can’t very well move houses. But I did change the sheets.  And all that this Feng Shui rearranging bit really accomplished was to cause me to stumble around my own house in the middle of the night because the furniture layout was suddenly unfamiliar.

And, Snuffy,  don’t tell me to change my lifestyle. I can’t change it overnight. I mean, what lifestyle?! The only style left in my life at this point would be running shoes! I can’t even cut my hair to the length i want because when I run and I can’t tie it back it decides to all go to my face. I refuse to look like a pint-size Yeti.

Studies show that sleeplessness is more common among women (especially menopausal ones). I am not menopausal.

I’m simply very restless. I hear static inside my head.

I’ve done the whole taking stock of my situation bit. Nothing much has changed in my life these last few weeks. My routine has been the same. Except for a few added mileage, there is nothing that stands out that can explain this. I’ve been eating healthy. I’ve been keeping my regular schedule at the gym.  Emotionally there is nothing taxing me. Work is a bit heavy but nothing out of the ordinary.

I spent the last blue-black hour sitting outside in my balcony. I don’t really get to see the sunrise from where I am.  No color show as a whole row of buildings is blocking the view. It’s just a black sky fading into grey white. And then they turn off the streetlights at the park. And that’s that.  A new day has come. If only I had slept through the transition.

I made an appointment with an acupuncturist. It was originally scheduled for this coming weekend. I’m moving it up. I hope it works. Wish me luck. Forget the feng shui. I’m putting all my furniture back.

  1. kingofpots says:

    mesh, if you are not lactose intolerant, try drinking a warm milk after shower before going to bed. if not, try doing karno’s nightly runs ( i mean, ultra runs) and sleep after that. i guess, that will solve your problem of sleeping. please read my past post on sleeping, maybe that will help you..good luck on your next race in san antonio, texas! regards to bards!

  2. myironshoes says:

    Haha! Bald UltraRunner!!! I had to pry that book out of Bards’ hands because she started mumbling COMRADES when all this time NYmarathon lang naman nasa ultimate goal list ng barkada namin. Kasalanan mo talaga ‘to! I will re-read that sleeping post. Sayo ko nga pala nabasa yon. I’ve been trying to remember whose blog it was on. THANKS a lot!

  3. DATC says:

    I don’t know if this will help: a doctor supposedly said that to get sleep, simply lie down and close your eyes – no TV, no reading, no lights. And stop listening to those voices in your head 🙂

    I’m willing to do that… if you can tell me where the remote control is to shut down the voices inside my head! Actually my room is designed for that. It’s really dark and the TV i use is outside… but i just end up in a judo match with my pillows.

  4. bards says:

    psst. do you want me to send someone to knock you out? hehehe desperate times calls for desperate measures. i dont have to nag naman about the training runs… one time lang *nag, nag* mwahahaha maybe we should find you a copy of the movie “cure for insomnia” 😛

    psst. if you send one, he better do a good job. you know he’s only going to get one shot and then i will go on the attack.. i’ll finish them tomorrow. if not i’ll just do a karno on sunday. run the first half early and then meet up with you at hills and do the next half. 😉

  5. sfrunner says:

    myironshoes, hope things are better. I’ve had this issue a couple of times and what I did was change my diet just for one day. It worked!

  6. workaholicrunner says:

    Getting a good deep tissue massage always helps me sleep.

  7. myironshoes says:

    Sfrunner, workaholicrunner, thanks for the tips. i’m getting a bit more sleep hours now. i’ll have a slow and easy sunday (after the human race run)… hopefully it helps to get me back on track. enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  8. DATC says:

    If you were lacking sleep, it certainly didn’t show in the Nike race, congratulations!

  9. cha says:

    Acupuncture is the best! it really works… if not pa din.. pako ! pako na lang gamitin. *wink wink*

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