manila’s nike human race

Posted: September 1, 2008 in run, running
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I saw this announcement of Nike’s HUMAN RACE in Madrid as I was rushing to catch yet another bus. Madrid is one of the very first official race sites identified for this event. And understandably so for Madrid is a city with a lot of runners. You see people running in the parks and in the streets at all hours of the day and even very late at night. Posters promoting the Nike Human Race were everywhere. It was in every metro station I entered. It was inside the trains, in the bus stops…

I had heard about the Nike Human Race even before I left Manila. I had received their invite in an email. It was even forwarded to our T2 mailing list. And I was already set on running in it.  I just wasn’t sure where in the world I would be doing it. But then again, that was the great thing about this race. You could run it anywhere.

Manila wasn’t one of the cities listed as an official race site so I was thrilled when I found out Nike Philippines were going to host an unofficial one. The fact that it was going to be held at global city was an added bonus. It was nearby and part of our regular running route. The timing of the run also fit right into our program’s mileage schedule (with a few maneuverings, of course.)

In other parts of the world, there was a concert and a charity component attached to this run. They promised to donate a percentage of the registration fee to either a charity of your choice or to one of the supported foundations listed on the site.  The event in Manila would be free. Well, actually, registration would be the cost of a nike+ kit. For you needed one to sign up.  Fortunately, I still had my old one attached to my aging ipod.  I don’t really use it that often anymore. I still love the animated graphs but linking into the site can be hell sometimes. So, I usually just stick to my Polar watch. I already have way too many things attached to me when I run.

The Nike Human Race is, first and foremost, a marketing push. It never pretended to be anything else. It’s an attempt to reach a greater share of Manila’s running market. And  zoom in they did on their target.

What did I love about the unofficial yet well-organized race in Manila?  Everything actually. The organization of the race, the company of running friends, the fun crowd, the challenge of the hills in the route, the bananas and the mamons in heritage park, the freebies…

What did I hate about it? The needing to run it part..


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