too long a comment to post on the loonyrunner’s comments page so i’m just posting it here…

Posted: September 5, 2008 in FHinlife

There are some blogs I particularly enjoy visiting. The loonyrunner’s site is one of them. That’s because he would often provide really useful information in his blog.  Stuff  I think about or would like to think about but wouldn’t necessarily take the time to research on. Because deep, deep down I’m a slacker and I aspire to be a slug. Today he talks about THE FIDGET FACTOR. Now I think about these things. Really! Because deep, deep down I am also quite bored. Boredom deserves far more credit that we give it. Entire civilizations have collapsed and new ones have risen in their place due to boredom. Case in point: The Great Roman Empire. If you don’t believe me, watch Rome (I mean the tv series not the city although you can also go there and do that though you would be a couple of centuries late for our purposes. Or maybe not!) Or… just read up on why their emperor thought they needed to have all those festivities where they massacred slaves and lions and whatever else they could think of. Or, better yet, watch Gladiator. Now that’s a movie that’s sure to get your heart pumping and burn up more calories.  But I’m getting ahead of myself…

In the loonyrunner’s blog he mentions this book he has just read which gives a list of regular fidget activities and the equivalent number of calories you burn up while doing them.

For example:

  • window shopping: 3 calories/minute
  • browsing in a bookstore: 1.9 calories/minute

Here’s what I’m trying to understand: Why does browsing in a bookstore use up less calories than window shopping? Like I said, these things are important to me! Maybe it has something to do with the way your heart rate is elevated? I guess seeing a really nice pair of shoes is better than browsing through the next George R.R. Martin installment of the Song of Ice and Fire series? I suspect it would be the other way around for me. But only in this rare instance. And here’s another thought. If you see the book through the display window and not while you are inside the bookstore, does that mean you automatically double the number of calories you burn?  If so then taking a taxi ride with a madmax taxi driver should burn up more calories, right? I mean, that elevates your heart rate far more than window shopping, correct?

And another thing! How many calories would you burn just by watching someone fidget? I’m only interested because I would prefer to watch someone wash the dishes (washing dishes by hand: 3.1 calories/minute) than actually wash the dishes. I really hope I burn more calories that way. I could be really good at it too.

Man, I really need a life.

  1. loonyrunner says:

    HAHAHA nice post 😀 good point… sure made me wonder… hmmm window shopping probably burns more because you walk more… unlike with browsing where you just stand your ground… well, if you move your eyes continually I’m sure your eye muscles will be burning off some calories… sometimes, i think i’m too much of a nerd hehehe

    man, you think too much! hehe. oh and again, thanks for the interesting post.

  2. loonyrunner says:

    oh, many thanks for visiting the blog 😀

  3. jeng says:

    har har! Yes, I’d prefer to watch someone do the dishes too. The things you think about. Baliw!

    You think? But didn’t you just agree with me? So I guess that makes you just as…. sweet and lovable? 🙂

  4. kingofpots says:

    mesh, nice post. just don’t get bored with your training. hahaha! good luck!

    thanks BR. And no worries. I always manage to entertain myself by thinking really deep, mostly useless thoughts during training. haha!

  5. sfrunner says:

    I like his blog and I’m glad he’s back doing it. By the way, yours is good as well. Take care.

    I second that. And so does everyone else in my head! Thanks Sfrunner! I sincerely doubt this blog will have anything of real value to say but at least it’s keeping me sane. Haha! I hope your weekend is working out well.

  6. I am bored already just sitting here…. ha ha ha. Great blog see you at the races siguro

    salamat sa bisita! you did say in your blog that we should speak to you in Filipino? 😉 i’m sure we’ll end up running in the same places/races. manila isn’t all that big. but you seem to run on jet fuel by your blazing speed. diesel lang ako.

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