chasing light

Posted: September 11, 2008 in my favorite runs, running
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The sky is still covered in a thick blanket of darkness as I make my way to the Fort for our early morning run. Clouds are gathering in the distance, a rain-weighted mass in the sky. It has rained most of the night so the city’s streets, newly polished and washed clean, glisten and shine. The air smells fresh and crisp and cool. Further out, tall, lean skyscrapers stand in a row, like giant soldiers at attention guarding a secretive sky.

It feels like a good day to go for a run.

By the time Mighty M and I set off, the sun is still a good hour’s journey away from our city’s horizon. This is exactly the way we want it to be. Our breathing comes in a hushed, soft rhythm. We speak little, indicating our direction only with a quiet point or a nod. We do not go by our usual route. We are two girls playing, engaged in a mini-adventure, taking pleasure in the silence which envelopes us.

A lonely guard surveys us from a dark corner, perhaps with mist-covered eyes, and then slowly he raises his hand, merely a silhouette, to wave a sleepy greeting. As we draw closer, we gift him with a smile; a quick nod hello and we continue on with our run. We feel his gaze following us as we head further out into the misty greys.

We are almost halfway through when the sky lets loose a gentle downpour. We both look up at the still dark purple sky wondering at its intentions. I don’t mind running in the rain but M has another appointment very soon after we finish with our run. She can’t show up looking like a freshly laundered angel. We scan the dark street seeking out a shed or a leafy overhang where we can dry off. But none presents itself. We giggle, slightly bemused, at our predicament and decide to simply head back. We are two kilometers short of our planned turnaround point but it does not matter. The joy is not in the distance covered but in the simple act of putting one foot after another. A rhythm that now tingles through our body.

We find ourselves now back in the same corner we had started from. A thin ring of light slices through the sky. Light and color starts to slowly filter in, like a thin outer shell is being lifted above us. It casts a golden glow behind the clouds huddled now like phantoms in the horizon. Right above me, patches of blue sky are breaking through. With a grin, a thank you and a wave, Mighty M and I go our separate ways.

I start my slow run back to the empty lot where I had parked my car. I make sure I take the longest, most circuitous route possible. I sprint the last 300 meters and make it to the car feeling slightly winded but still wrapped in a happy glow. I pause before I pull the car door open and take in a deep, satisfying breath. And for the rest of the day, the memory of the run hovers around me like a half-remembered dream which, ever so gently, disperses upon waking.

  1. prometheuscometh says:

    and then we wake up to the real world of chasing deadlines and sales targets…aaargh! beautiful post! you have outdone yourself this time.

  2. thefitmommy says:

    I just finished a 6K run and had just taken a bath while I read this post… And I breathed out a refreshing sigh at the end 😀

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