looking for dirt in sagada

Posted: September 17, 2008 in my trips 2008, running
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Survey says there are about 10500 people living in Sagada. I see no information about how many roosters are living there though. I know at least two. Roosters, I mean. One of them liked hanging out my bedroom window. The other one wasn’t too far away. They chatted all night. Well, they took turns and crowed like there’s no tomorrow. Only there is. And there was. But their plan seemed to be that when that tomorrow does arrive, you’ll be too grumpy and sleep deprived to notice it.

You will find Sagada nestled in the valley of the Cordillera mountain range. It’s a quiet town. There are no public means of transport within the town proper. If you need to get anywhere, you walk. And you can walk in the middle of the road without being bothered much by cars. Which is heavenly. You get less noise and fumes this way. And Sagada seems to be so close to the clouds. I wonder if it  shares heaven’s blueprint.

I had bought new shoes especially for our trip to Sagada. (Yes, any excuse will do!) They are the NB 840s. I thought they were trail shoes. But the salesperson said no. “They are fell running shoes, ma’m.” That’s what he said.  I guess you could call them the racer version of trail shoes? I don’t know and I don’t really care much. As long as they are not fall running shoes. I don’t need special equipment to fall while running. Trust me. I can do that very well on my own.

I like these trail shoes. (I’m sorry Mr. Salesman. But you did call me Ma’m. When did I cross that line and become a respectable Ma’m, anyway?) They are snazzy and colorful. I think they have pretty good traction too. They are also for men.  I really wanted the pink and grey ones I saw online. But that’s the women’s version and they don’t sell those here. It’s one of the few times I’m happy to have big sized feet. They are awful when I want to buy pretty shoes with nice heels. But they work out quite well for running shoes.

If you want to read a review of the shoes, or a description that is helpful, go to this site. You probably shouldn’t ask me to review it. I’ll try. I can tell you a lot of things about it. But I suspect none of them will be useful. I didn’t find any fell to run in. I also, thankfully, didn’t do any falling. Sagada’s roads are narrow but mostly paved. Well yes, there were a few muddy tracks but I wasn’t prepared to get my new shoes dirty just yet. So I stuck to running on the road. And saw and felt amazing things. But I’ll tell you all about that some other time. For now I simply want to savor my memories of Sagada. I’m getting so nostalgic about that vacation that I’m afraid I will probably end up crying if I get served chicken soup for lunch.

Oh, we actually found one nice trail. It led out to Echo Valley. But it went past the local cemetery. And I’m tired of running towards cemeteries. There’s only so much mortal angst I can get out of it. So yes, I stuck to the roads. Next time, I’m just going to have to work harder at finding dirt.

  1. DATC says:

    I must be slow today…what are “fell running shoes”???

  2. myironshoes says:


    I called the Queen and asked and she says a fell is either…

    fell- noun
    a hill or stretch of high moorland, esp. in northern England : [in place names ] Cross Fell | an area of fell and moor.
    ORIGIN Middle English : from Old Norse fjall, fell ‘hill’ .

    fell -adjective poetic/literary
    of terrible evil or ferocity; deadly : sorcerers use spells to achieve their fell ends.

    I’m still deciding what kind of FELL shoes I ended up with. 🙂

  3. SCollins says:

    haah! They were right when they said your blog was full of wit and personality.
    even your comments page has surprises. you are funny! (i mean that in a good way!)

  4. SCollins says:

    i found you through this post. just thought you would like to know about it…


  5. myironshoes says:

    SCollins, Well, I guess you are responsible for one of the surprises in my comments page. 🙂 Thanks for that! And thank you for dropping a few lines to say hello. It always surprises me when people wander into these pages. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  6. sagada says:

    Hahaha. Had fun with the rooster anecdote. Its called “kawitan” in the native dialect.

    – Kamulo

    blog of the SaGaDa-iGoRoT

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