good things look for, bad things wait for

Posted: September 18, 2008 in FHinlife, my trips 2008
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As we had expected, as if on order, thunderclaps and thunder rolls plus a flash of lightning in the sky and a heavy downpour signaled the beginning of our Sagada adventure.

My friends and I were off to the mountains of the north in search of a change of pace, a bit of adrenalin rush (some hiking, some spelunking and lots of exploring) and perhaps, with a sprinkling of luck, we would also be greeted with cool and refreshing mountain weather minus the strong winds and heavy rainfall brought in by typhoon Marce.

“So what’s plan B?” Batgirl sent me this message soon after I sent her my latest update on the weather.

I mulled over this question with some confusion. We don’t do plan Bs!  The whole week prior to the trip it had been raining hard in Manila. We were used to being chased by a typhoon. But this time, this trip to Sagada, was different. We weren’t being chased by a typhoon. We were just heading straight out towards one.

Storms, typhoons, hails, sandstorms, snow blitzes have almost always accompanied our  vacations. It doesn’t matter when we schedule it. Or where we decide to go. Something always happens and we find ourselves in the eye of the storm, in the center of a weather disturbance. I guess if someone actually bothered to look for it, he would find the vortex of hurricane packed up in one of our bags.

Wicked Joy spelled it out quite clearly. “We haven’t done landslides yet. I know we can do storms. But we better be on the look out for new disasters. While you are at it, figure out if they get freak tornadoes there. We haven’t done those either. Sandstorms, we got those in Boracay.”

So, every morning of last week, I would go online to check Weather Underground. I was tracking a storm. I was tasked to figure out if we were heading right into it or we were going to get there just in time to give it a send off.

It is always best to be prudent about these things. Prudent we could do. Wise, (as in cancel the trip?) well, you can forget about that.

We were prepared for this trip. We packed for the rain. We packed for the cold. Half of my luggage was food and water. If the world was going to end, I wasn’t going to get caught hungry. I brought two books… Just in case we got stuck spending all that vacation time indoors again. We got on the bus. It was full. We breathed a sigh of relief. We weren’t the only crazy ones. There is wisdom in crowds. Yeah right!  There could also be a huge serving of mob stupidity. But, of course, we wise ones chose to simply ignore that.  Thunder rolled in the distance. It wasn’t going to faze us.

It’s not just the distance we’ve traveled together that’s kept us close. It’s not just the sights we’ve seen and it’s not even the places we’ve been to that have kept us friends this long. Our adventures (and misadventures) are an integral part of the bond we share. But beyond that is the certainty that through wind and hail, through rain and sandstorms and snow, we are the people we would choose to hang out with, the ones we would trust to watch each other’s back. Because we’ve done it many times over and we’ve come out ok. We’ve survived to tell the many tales. And also because, who else, in their right minds, would choose to hang out with us, the gang chased and tormented by typhoons?

For nine straight hours we were cooped up and freezing in the bus. Finally the conductor announced our stop. Our windows were still misted over. It was very early in the morning.  I felt groggy and lightheaded from lack of sleep.  We filed out of the bus. And wouldn’t you know it! We see blue skies, white clouds and a ready van that could take us straight to our first meal!

This universe definitely has a sense of humor.

So why do I keep doing it? Why do I keep hanging out with this group?

Because when you find yourself in the eye of the storm and the whole world around you is falling apart and flying off into oblivion…and yet the people of closest proximity to you are still singing and laughing and trading stories then you realize that you’ve found something truly worth hanging on to.

On the day they announce the apocalypse, you will most likely find me hanging out with this same group of friends. After all, we need to plan where we will be having breakfast the day after.

  1. lonerunner says:

    its one place i wanna visit… its been around 13years and am still planning my sagada trip… I heard weeds… este green leafy vegetables are cheap there… 🙂

    hehe! 13 years? are you planning a trip or an invasion? it’s so worth the long bus ride. i wouldn’t recommend driving there though if its your first time to go. And yes, the green leafy is cheap there…daw. 😉

  2. littlea says:

    Those pictures are beautiful! You won’t see that kind of beauty when you visit Texas in the fall. It’s beautiful here, but a different, cowboy kind of beauty.

    ooohhh rugged and sexy? i like. 😉
    my grumpy history professor once said, I don’t know why you find cowboys so romantic…they stay in the outback for days and they don’t shower! i don’t even remember what our topic for the day was. but that stuck. i don’t care what he says. Cowboy kind of beauty… i definitely am looking forward to it.

  3. bards says:

    ah … but do not forget Batanes … didnt we go in the middle of the typhoon season and went home with sunburn galore. we have to figure out talaga the
    extent ng powers ni CalamityJoy

    CalamityJoy was not with us in Batanes. She stayed in Manila. That was the time Manila had the flash floods, remember? We already know the extent of her powers. The next time we go north, we simply buy her a ticket to go south….:-)

  4. sagada says:

    Sagada weather is like that of England – very unpredictable. I’m glad you enjoyed the place in good weather. Your photos are nice as well.

    – Kamulo
    blog of the SaGaDa-iGoRoT

  5. lonerunner says:

    HAHAHHAHA!!! -)

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