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Posted: September 24, 2008 in run, running
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Last week, I started playing tag with the flu virus. This week, it finally got me.  I’ve been stuck in bed for the last three days taking in enough liquid to drown out a small island. It’s not fun. And it’s certainly boring as hell. I hear there was a typhoon that passed by yesterday. But I was zonked out in bed the whole time it was happening. Except for SeriousCat’s nightly missions of mercy (food delivery) i haven’t had any real contact with the outside world.

Today, the virus finally seems to be in retreat. Well, i hope it is. Three days of antibiotic blitzes should do that, right?  I’ve managed to stay awake long enough to do some work, read through my email and send proof of life messages out. One of the emails waiting in my inbox is from a client/friend in the UK. If I needed further convincing that running is not only addictive but  also contagious well this would be it. The last time we got together, I regaled him with stories about running. What else could I regale him with? Running has taken over the non-work part of my life. Apparently that got him thinking and it also got him running. Today he sent me this info about a run he is joining this weekend and a link.


I’ve visited the site and it does look like a lot of good running fun is in store for him this Saturday. And by good, I mean GOOD.  It’s definitely a way to get some great karma going.

What’s the great gorilla run all about? Well, basically you suit up in a gorilla costume (which you also get to keep) and you run 7km through London’s streets and in the process you do your share in helping save an endangered community… the Gorillas! Now that’s a run I wish I could take part in. Mainly because i think I’ll be a natural running  in a gorilla suit. And even before I cried my eyes out watching Gorillas in the Mist I’ve already had this affection for our furry cousins. Hell, I think I’ve even dated a few…

Here are some Gorilla facts from the site…

There are 4 types and they all live in West and Central Africa:

1. Mountain Gorillas

One of the most endangered animals on earth. There will be as many Great Gorilla Runners in London in September 2008, as there are Mountain Gorillas – just 720!

2. Eastern Lowland Gorillas

There are an estimated 3,000 of these slightly less hairy gorillas, which doesn’t mean they are any less important. I guess this seems like quite a few compared to the Mountain gorillas but when you realise that there were around 17,000 only ten years ago you can understand just how threatened they are.

3. Western Lowland Gorillas.

These gorillas were thought to be relatively safe because they live in huge dense forests, which are pretty hard to get to. But that was before people started building roads through the forests and a nasty ebola virus killed thousands of them in just a few months. 60% of these gorillas have been wiped out in less than 30 years.

4. Cross-River gorillas.

Rarely seen, even more rarely photographed, these are some of the most elusive and threatened creatures on the planet – there may be as few as 250 left in the world.

The Great Gorilla Run also happens in four other places: San Francisco, Amsterdam, New York and China. This run is definitely in my list now.

  1. j says:

    it wld b hot tho wldn’t it?
    fun read tho.

  2. myironshoes says:

    that would probably explain the crazy/wild running as seen in the pictures.
    yeah it’ll be hot inside that suit, i suspect. I have never been in one but I would definitely want to give it a go one of these years… 🙂

  3. warriorwoman says:

    That would certainly sweat the flu into remission.

  4. myironshoes says:

    🙂 haha. good point there. (seemed like a really good idea yesterday, must be the drugs/meds…)
    really do find your blog fascinating and an amazingly fun read. thanks for the visit.

  5. sundaywarrior says:

    Hope you get well soon… that explains why I haven’t seen you at BHS, solo flight si BR e.

  6. myironshoes says:

    Thank you! I’ll ease back into running next week. 🙂

  7. kingofpots says:

    mesh, get well soon!

  8. myironshoes says:

    Thanks a lot BR! I glean vicarious pleasures from the runs you’ve posted. 🙂

  9. lonerunner says:

    This is the race for me! I can run this race without a Gorilla suit and no one will notice. 🙂

  10. myironshoes says:

    Hahahaha! Finally! Someone who understands the attraction of this race for me! :0)

  11. sfrunner says:

    myironshoes, I’m laughing at this one. I haven’t seen the gorilla run here yet but I did see a couple of gorilla costumes in this year’s Bay To Breakers. It was a trip.

    Hope everything’s well with you. Please take care.

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