Posted: September 26, 2008 in FHinlife, running
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Spanish would, without a doubt, be heard spoken in our home on three distinct occasions.

The first was when my grandfather was angry. A crescendo of Spanish words would be accompanied by  expansive hand gestures, face reddening and bulging eyes. Most of this tirade in an alien language, I would be unable to process or even understand. This, I considered  a good thing especially when the rant was aimed directly at me.

The second would almost always be over food. It’s when the Spanish speaking side of the family would come together and, as with all our family gatherings, the tables would be packed with food. I only needed to know one, well two,  Spanish words to survive in this setting. “… Quieres?”  My aunt/uncle/cousin/grandfather/ would say as they offered me food. “Oh quiero, definitely, quiero!” I would answer, grab the food, and then run away with my stash to my little corner and gobble it up.

And the third? Well, the third would be during quieter times when I would find my grandfather sitting in his big chair in his favorite corner of the house. He’d be done with his siesta. I would be home from school. It would be time for my pre-bedtime story then. Usually, that’s something Lolo would read straight out of  the newspaper he always carried around with him. Here and there he would add commentaries in English and Spanish, imparting snippets (mostly cryptic words to me) of worldly wisdom.  I remember one now. “Si quieres matar a un cuerdo, atale a pie un necio.”

If you want to kill a sane person, tie a fool to his foot.

It certainly feels like that today. Actually, it even feels like the fool is strapped on to my chest.

So still no running. No running this past week. Definitely no running today.

This virus has got to go!

&*%%*?!!1 (Now that’s another Spanish word I know. Unfortunately, it’s unprintable!)

  1. prometheuscometh says:

    Rest. Your conditioning will not go away in a week anyway. Get well and see you on the road soon.

  2. jadedwon says:

    There is nothing so frustrating to a runner than not being able to run because of sickness or injury. Take the time, two days, four days, one week, and don’t think about running till that day. Go out and run on that day and see how much time you may or may not still need. I find I recover faster this way. If everyday I stress out about not being able to run it seems like it’s “Forever” till I can run again.

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