getting ready to slay the beast

Posted: October 7, 2008 in marathon, myphilosophy, running
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There’s a mythical beast that all runners encounter at one point or another in their pursuit of marathon glory. It is known by other names but the one I’m on a quest for goes by the name WalastikFantastiK!  Most runners simply call it by its alias. Its true name is perhaps too terrifying a thought to even mention.

The beast has legendary powers.  It has the power to suck in all available oxygen in the immediate vicinity forcing the runner to breathe in gasps and gulps.  It feeds on runners’ muscles and if you make the mistake of looking deep into its eyes, it will immobilize you and turn you to stone. Its mouth froths with lactic acid and it spews this out in ferocious steaming amounts. But its most potent trick is to change itself into a seemingly insurmountable brick wall that blocks that one road that leads to the marathon finish line. Hence the moniker: THE WALL.  Some say one simply needs to muster the courage to scale the wall to beat it. What it really is a passive aggressive beast. It doesn’t seek you out. It simply lies in wait. It knows that, sooner rather than later, you, with your marathon dream in your hand, will wander across its path.

By all accounts it rears its head once you breach the 32KM/20mile threshold. That’s when it starts smelling a runner’s dreams and it begins to wake from its slumber. I haven’t crossed that threshold yet although I’ve been flirting with that distance for some time now. So far, I’ve only managed to view the beast from a distance.  I’ve scanned the horizon safely within the confines of my makeshift 30KM vantage post. I’m getting close. I know it. I feel it.  I can already smell the beast all the way from here. But I’m not quite there yet. Though I know that that day will come soon, I also know it’s not going to be today.

There will be a day of reckoning. And when It comes, my weapons will be drawn and my blades fine and sharp. But today? Today my feet are raised and I am enjoying a scoop of ice cream and getting my fill of first marathon stories. There should be enough magic there to prepare me for the duel. Let the beast lie in wait…

  1. keti says:

    hee hee i like your blog’s new look…but don’t like what you wrote…after reading this post now i’m scared to even think of doing a full hala…

  2. sundaywarrior says:

    Wow great post, you really write very well Mesh, that sums it all up – that wall is the beast all runners dread,…

  3. Gene says:

    Kailangan mo ng matinik na anting-anting atsaka si papa smurf Snuffy (diba legendary din powers nun?) 🙂 See you at KOTR!

  4. myironshoes says:

    Ketikat!:-) hahaha! But isn’t it far more romantic a quest to slay a beast than to scale a wall? kaya natin yan!

    Chito, Thank you! I hope to see you at the KOTR. 🙂

    Gene haha!In Snuffy’s world lifting 2 mugs of beer is considered a darn good warm up! 5 mugs, a definite work out. But yes, a phalanx of warriors with anting anting would definitely be helpful.

  5. prometheuscometh says:

    So if I see the guy with bib number 666 coming up behind me, it means the beast is here since that is the number of the beast! Seriously patience and staying on pace is the key to outrunning the beast because as they say LOVE is patient and LOVE conquers all. Did I just make sense there?

    🙂 Prom, In the English Revised version of the bible, love is patient is actually written as love suffereth long

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