The view from my window

Posted: October 8, 2008 in running
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Sullen clouds, dull and gray gathered all morning. Rain water fell out of it at noon. The hot asphalt road hissed as water pounced and overwhelmed it from above. White mist floated off the dark, hard earth below.

It has been raining all afternoon. Rain that has covered much of the city.  Whatever color there was in-front of my window seems to have all been washed away. In the distance, buildings fade, dark silhouettes wavering as if slowly being erased, lines once black, now gray, now blurry and out of focus. And there in the distant horizon, a shaft of light breaks through only to disappear again. Perhaps this world is in transition, being washed, cleaned and then renewed.

Running shoes in hand, I wait. I could be running in a new metropolis tonight.

  1. lonerunner says:

    With a view like that u should be holding a hot espresso and Cheesecake… 🙂

  2. myironshoes says:

    haha! you are so right! what was i thinking? but perhaps apple strudel over the cheesecake for me! 😉

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