sole to soul running (what I’ve learned so far) : 2 My Klingon Mantra

Posted: October 10, 2008 in marathon, running
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Perhaps today is a good day to die…

For those of you who watch (or read) the Star Trek series, this quote from the Klingon, Worf, requires no explanation. He is definitely one of my favorite characters. Maybe because the wide forehead sometimes makes me this think we are related. I know a few men (2 of them my uncles) who growl like him too.

The quote is the Klingon mantra during battle. Klingons subscribe to a warrior code very much like the Japanese Bushido. Honor over death!

What I’ve learned from my one year of running is that I am partly Klingon.

Ummm, well, I am not that extreme. Especially over running. I don’t want to die in a race. It will be ugly. I will be ugly! I certainly have no plans of going that way. But I do know that over this past year, I don’t do mediocre, so-so failures when it comes to running. When I fail, I work very hard at it. No failure is acceptable unless I’ve managed to do it brilliantly, fantastically, and spectacularly. I do this because it’s the only way I ever learn. Perhaps I’m simply too stubborn. But the only failures that I learn from are the ones where I’ve pushed the consequences to the inevitable end. Crash, boom, bang and then eureka! That the eureka moment is normally preceded by an injury is the unfortunate consequence of this strategy. I know I need to tweak that a bit. This new year, the plan is to knock a bit more subtly on wisdom’s door.

One of my brilliant failures happened during the Condura run. It’s still in my all time favorites list of runs but it was a darn good lesson in humility. If you want the story, click here. I hope to revisit that route again soon. Hence, the introspection…

It is these lessons in failure, and there are many of them, that I go back to whenever I make the mistake of thinking that I know everything there is to know about my limits and what I am capable of. When I start thinking I am invincible, these lessons are a great wake up call. Not fun, mind you, but definitely needed.

Sole to Soul Running 1 is here. I will claim that year! But the weekend is finally here and there’s that big KOTR 21K run tomorrow.  There’s lots to do before then and it can only start after this spaghetti meal.  Time to start hacking into the force. I leave you with these words not from a Klingon this time but from another warrior in another galaxy far, far away…

“Do or do not… there is no try.” ~ Yoda

  1. keti says:

    Honest to God I tried to understand what I was reading when I clicked on the link to that article about food and recovery blah blah blah…but I couldn’t hahaha everything just went over my head mwahahaha

  2. myironshoes says:

    Cliffnotes says… order golden tinapa. share salsa with me. Really quite simple, isn’t it? 🙂

  3. sundaywarrior says:

    Nice run Mesh, you’re on your way to the full M this dec.. How’s the walkabout last sunday?

    Thanks Chito! The walkabout went well especially after the buko sherbet treat. 😉 Hope your shoes have started behaving properly. Hehe! I’m sure I’ll see you soon since we share running routes.

  4. keti says:

    Golden tinapa it is…or buko sherbet after a gruelling race :o) wonder if they have buko sherbet in clark? hmmm…

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