the case against purple

Posted: October 23, 2008 in FHinlife
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“It’s because you are wearing purple!” Batgirl points this out in a very even tone after my most recent breakfast misadventure.

It’s 6 weeks to go before our first marathon and as we get closer to the date more and more of our superstitious quirks are coming into play.   Well, it’s mostly Batgirl’s quirks.

“My quirks, as you call them, are supported by empirical data.” Batgirl tells me this in a very matter of fact manner. I’m beginning to think there is some truth to what she says.

Someone stole my breakfast at McDonald’s today. Actually, he just started eating the food off my tray at the same time I was busy putting that same food, the one that  I had ordered and paid for, in my mouth. It was quite bizarre. Mcdonald’s was packed. There were more than a hundred people inside that place. I don’t know why he picked me.

I couldn’t really see him since he was bent over with his face very close to the food. And he was big and leaning very closely. What I had was a view of his back and his elbow. He just started picking food off my styrobox using my fork and my spoon that he had so gently removed from my hands a few seconds earlier. I was too stunned to react. He was facing Batgirl. Even Batgirl who was sitting across me had this confused look on her face. At first I thought the boy was a friend teasing me. Then I thought, he was a relative or a nephew or maybe he was one of my godsons…It was simply too weird.

Wordlessly I point to the foodnapper’s back.  At around that same time Batgirl realizes that I have no idea who this person is who is eating my food! Batgirl and I then start talking to each other inside our heads. And just so there isn’t any possibility that she would misread my mind, I start talking in the same way the 7/11 sales clerk talk. I don’t really know who started this whole trend. But they are the ones who like stating the obvious. You give them 100 pesos. They tell you “Ma’m I’ve received 100 pesos.”

So I say, “Batgirl, the man is eating MY breakfast.” She replies, “I noticed.”

We then raise our hands simultaneously to call the guard’s attention. After some waving, the guard finally looks our way. Since Batgirl has her back to him, I am the one he looks at.  Apparently the guards in McDonald’s are trained to be very friendly… but not very alert or smart. The guard then smiles and waves back at me. I have to fix my gaze at him and send urgent sonic thoughts out. “Hello, Mr. Security Guard, I am not being friendly. This man is eating my breakfast!”

Finally the security guard comes over to intervene…

Batgirl has this thing about the color purple. She thinks it attracts bad luck. Purple to Batgirl is like Kryptonite to Superman. It just causes a whole world of pain.

I’m really not all that superstitious. But this week has truly been a series of mishaps and misadventures. And somehow the color purple did always seem to be involved. This morning I was wearing a purple singlet. During the long run incident when I had a tussle with the kissing bandit/ thief I was also wearing my purple Adidas shirt.

As a rule, encounters with weirdos belong in Batgirl’s department. Even CalamityJoy pointed this out.  Now we’ve all been friends for close to 20 million years. We’ve known each other through thick (~150lbs) and thin (~118lbs). We’ve accepted, forgiven, even embraced each other’s quirks. We’ve just never really shared them. At least, not until now.

Lucky in love, unlucky in parking…

Now that charm applies to me. Let’s just say that I’ve never been in want of a  parking space. Even if you send me to a packed lot and there’s a long queue of cars waiting for space, that single available slot will be mine. Seriously. It’s never been a problem. Luck in love? Oh well, luck in parking is far more practical a charm, anyway.

Perhaps because Batgirl and I spend a lot of time together in play and in marathon training, the universe is confusing our auras.

So, just in case, I’ve decided to stay off purple stuff for now. At least, until the universe gets it all sorted out.

And just to set things straight…

Bad luck and mishaps and misadventures involving Tuesdays and purples and weirdos are in Batgirl’s department.

Parking luck, bad hair Fridays, faceplant weekends…Mine! Definitely All Mine.

Now to get back into training…

  1. DATC says:

    This is too weird for you to be making it up….so what happened after you called the guard?

    To be safe, keep away from purple colored stuff for now.

    They replaced my longganisa meal…which was very nice of them. My growling tummy was very grateful. And then Batgirl and I had a laughing fit. And the occupants of the neighboring tables kept giving us weird looks… all in all, it turned out ok. 🙂

  2. lonerunner says:

    HAHAHHA… The 7/11 thingy is sooo true…. funny!!!

    sigurado kyo na that is ur table? bka naman sa kabila kayo nakaupo.. heheh

    sna pag tawag mo sa guard at habang kinakain nya yung fud sinabi mo. “Guard! mag rereklamo ako may IPIS yung Hashbrown nyo!”

    Haha. Special sa akin yang 7/11 na yan. Marami na kaming pinagsamahan. Marami na kaming kwento. Pinatatawad ko nga sila kahit hindi nila mafigure out kung mam ako o ser…

  3. prometheuscometh says:

    I beg to disagree. Purple is a beatiful color!

    -Barney the dinosaur

    haha! Sorry Barney. Yes it is! That’s why it attracts that much attention from the universe and from my juvenile brain…

  4. Runtintin says:

    hahaha nakakatawa ka super…these things only happen to you hahahaha =)

    Haha! Oo nga. Ewan ko nga ba kung bakit! 🙂

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