sandwich sunday (OctobeRun Festival)

Posted: October 28, 2008 in running

Sandwich sunday. That’s what it was. The plan was  to sandwich a 10K race in-between a 10K warm up and a 12K cool down for a grand total of 32K. What happened was slightly different.  In the end, with all the kilometer additions and subtraction before 7am, I felt like a 7 year old taking (and failing) a math quiz.

The first was a ~3K warm up with RunMD–
just back from his most recent globetrotting adventure. We did this run around the Bonifacio Ridge area because as early as 4:45 am the BHS loop was already filling up with people coming in for the OctobeRun festival. I took this opportunity to let him regale me with stories of his trip to Europe. Halfway through that run, I wanted to be in Europe.

3K warmer-upper still with RunMD, Vix and JM and Barracuda Gene.
By around 5:10 am RunMD and I started making our way back to BHS because I knew I needed to open the rolling locker (my car) so my friends could dump their stuff in it.  It was another 3K loop but this time we stayed close to the starting area of the race.

10K OctobeRun…This run took forever to start. After about 10 minutes of standing around making small talk, I started feeling antsy. I wanted to get the hell out of there and on the road. Mostly because my stomach had started growling. The sun was up and I was getting hungry. And I still had 26K to cover!  I found myself craving for pizza! I started wondering if I could actually order it in.

The speed limit posted at Lawton is at 40KPH.  I was definitely way, way  below that. No problem there. But so were the poor cars stuck in traffic. Now, why would anyone still insist on driving through Lawton early Sunday mornings? I’d stay away from Lawton, McKinley and Bayani Road between 6-8am on Sundays. I’d even be wary on Saturdays since it now seems to be the favorite route for weekend races.

It was a slow and steady run. I could read everything that was written in the back of everyone’s singlets… even the really small prints and logos.

I caught myself wondering if Loonyrunner had rocket boosters hidden inside his hydration pack as I watched him zoom his way up the pack.

I watched with admiration and even envied the running form of the 5K Elites as they overtook us while we were making our way up the first incline of the race.

I briefly wondered if I  should climb up the pedestrian overpass over Bayani road and take a picture of the race from there. It would certainly offer a different vantage point of the race.

Then I cheered the 10K elites as they came running back after the turnaround. The lead guy was way ahead of the pack.

I eavesdropped on all the stories being shared by the other people in the group I ended up with.  Some of the stories being passed around were actually hilarious.

Then it was time to do the wave for Fernando Orange. Apparently the man could stop to re-tie his laces, drink some water, slow jog and still run a sub 50 10K.  He must have apprenticed with Superman.

Then I moved aside to give way to Baldrunner and his entourage running back up Heritage Road. Hmmm… another one of those runners with rocket boosters.

And then finally, finally, I hit the turnaround. I took a few pictures of 1000KM girl and then it was time to pick up  my pace a bit. I still had a long way to go before breakfast. It was really starting to get to me.

I made it back to the finish line after about an hour. Maybe a lot more. It certainly felt like it. I just wanted some really cold water to drink. Just before I hit the finish line, my favorite part of the race happened.  I didn’t know it then but BroJ actually snapped my picture at the finish line! Now, I’ve been wanting a running picture. Mostly because I’m been wondering what kind of a nose job I really need to have done on my face. Well, not really. I’ve just wanted a picture for show and tell with Daddee-oh who will be celebrating his 60th birthday very soon.  And now I have a  running picture. Thank you very much BroJ from the very sole of my iron shoes! 🙂

13K long, chatty run with Barracuda and the invisible RunMD
RunMD went through a portal somewhere in Lawton! Well, that’s what I thought at first. He was just there with us and then he was gone. I found out later that all the European goodies he had been enjoying this past month went and attacked his legs! Sorry RunMD! I just got so used to you with your really fast legs. I actually thought you went in search of the sun again while Barracuda and I were set on running in the shade.

So, it was just Barracuda and Moi left to enjoy the route. And since I was in a particularly chatty mood, the poor man was left to listen to all my aimless chatter. It was a good run. We did the hills, we went through the flats, I even yelled out a hello to the brown goats I saw munching away in McKinley hills. Then it was time for the gang to get together and enjoy a good hearty breakfast.  I was still 3K short but I didn’t care at that point. Paul Calvin’s at the fort took care of my grumbling tummy. A slow swim and a lengthy stay in the jacuzzi took care of my miserable legs.

Was it a fun run Sunday? Yes! The company was topnotch and in spite of the delay in the start of the run, the race organization was pretty darn good.  The road marshals were great, water came aplenty. I even got a mineral water cold shower on the road after the turnaround!

From now on though, I’ll limit my Sunday sandwiches to the peanut butter and jelly varieties. Sandwich runs just require too much math, too much thinking, too much planning. The timing has got to be spot on. Otherwise, you end up with a stop and go run that consumes a lot of time and patience.  And I’m simply not built with a lot of those to spare…

  1. keti says:

    Nice pic of you and batgurl! :o)

  2. Bro J says:

    Hi mesh. i’ glad your happy with the photo. If you want I can send it in its original size. I reduced the sizes of the pictures for easy viewing. Just email me at Hope to meet you in future races!

  3. lonerunner says:

    havent tried Paul calvin yet pero sa earl’s delicatessen madalas ako… one day I will try nga dun. 🙂

  4. lonerunner says:

    wait! i assume sa Paul calvin wlang kumakain ng pagkain mo pag tumayo ka? Jok! heheh

  5. myironshoes says:

    Keti Kat! — Oo nga! Finally a running picture na hindi nawawala, mukha akong nawawala sa sarili or mukha akong hinahabol ng facelift! 🙂

    Bro J– Thanks again. I look forward to meeting you too.

    Lonerunner– They have taho at Paul Calvin’s and Panna cotta-ho… Masarap siya if you mix in the taho syrup and sago with it… which I did because I thought it was the taho! 🙂 my brain really only starts working after 11am.
    And when the man stole my food in mcdo, i wasn’t standing. I was seated like a very proper girl raised in a school run by nuns! That’s why I was so surprised.

  6. prometheuscometh says:

    Just like you I am getting tired of sandwich runs and am looking forward to a long hassle free run on Sunday!

  7. loonyrunner says:

    uh-oh, my secret’s out! hehehe just tried to avoid the big mass of people… slowed down after that. nice to have seen you during the run… you’re so thin! 😀

  8. bugobugo says:

    kapitbahay, wouldn’t it be a good idea to run upstairs from B4 all the way to the penthouse? see you on the road.

  9. sundaywarrior says:

    You’re really bringing it on! With your pace, Singapore will just be another one of your long runs, good luck on your SA run..

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