the emperor’s new holiday

Posted: November 5, 2008 in my favorite runs, my trips 2008, running

Daddee-oh woke up one day a few of weeks ago and turned roman emperor on all of us. He declared one week of festivities to celebrate his 60th birthday. Of course, as we were pressed for time, we had to make a few adjustment in the execution. In lieu of a coliseum we picked a fish farm. Gladiators came in the form of gladiator sandals from nine west. And the blood sports entertainment? Well, we didn’t have time to hunt down lions so instead we used hooks to hunt down fish.

Oh well, Emperor Dad only turns 60 but once. I considered it my solemn duty, as a loyal and faithful and loving subject, to have fun and celebrate the milestone with him.

Fishing! Emperor Daddee-oh wanted to go fishing. So we set off to our fishing island down south. Fishing requires patience. I am quite challenged in that area.  So while everyone grabbed their fishing pole, I grabbed my camera and went fishing for something else. I took pictures of everything that moved and even those that didn’t moved.



Fishing is a good time for silent contemplation (according to my father) and prayers (added my mother) and a sharing a lot of crazy stories (according to my siblings). I kept this in mind and really tried for about 2 minutes to get into this fishing business. And when I finally tired of that then I went in search of a path that would allow me to complete my 10K run requirement that day. Of course this was after I made my future bro-in-law promise that he would share the day’s catch with me!

The fish farm is in the middle of a very small island. In fact, the farm took up the whole island. My choices of running paths were limited. Actually, it was very limited.

I settled on a narrow, uneven lane that crisscrossed the property and allowed access to the ponds. It was the best that I could find and it did serve its purpose. I have no complaints.


As runs go, this was pretty straightforward. What I remember was a stunning sky with patches of amazing blue peeking out of fluffy cottony whites. It definitely took center stage that day. Even the green water from the ponds agreed and offered it a mirror that reflected its beauty.



The day was hot and humid. The path provided very little shade. My companions were a bashful goat family. There was Papa goat and mama goat and their two kids. First, I was running after them. And then the more aggressive one (papa goat maybe) started checking me out! In the end, I ran from him. It helped improve my pace.


Then there were the fishermen on the boats. After a couple of rounds, the older man in the boat started shouting out a greeting every time I would run by. After a while, he started counting the loops for me. Perhaps all this silent contemplation was getting to him too. He probably thought I was crazy. There was really very little I could do to dissuade him from the idea. I wondered that myself. But I simply had all this pent up energy that needed to find release. I mean, after all, a girl who runs around in 1.5Km loops in the middle of a really hot and humid day really can do very little to justify the sanity in her actions. So I didn’t even try. I simply consoled myself with the thought that at least the locals found some form of entertainment in the seeming insanity of my actions.


As for the rest of the story… my family being the expert fisher folks that they are actually outdid themselves in the fishing department. What do you set out to catch when you go fishing? Apparently, a snake! And I’ve got pictures to prove it. Of course, none of us were in the mood for a meal so exotic so we threw it right back after we unhooked it. Apparently, none of us really have the stomach for blood and gore.



The day ended just as beautifully as it started. Judging from the shrieks and laughter shared those first three days (we found other activities for the rest of the week, all of which included one form of  feasting or another) the week was a resounding success. Some of us found our joy in quiet contemplation. And  then there are some who found theirs while running around in the circles…


  1. lonerunner says:

    Nice shots! Bravo! I like the 2 “dynamite fishing” guys picture, or are they? Seryoso, I like the pics.

  2. prometheuscometh says:

    You sound like a fish out of water in this post he he! Seriously nice photos of your empire!

  3. cha says:

    Soooo Love the picsssss!!! Have more adventures with those gladiators.. just dont let any lions or tigers catch you!!! =P

  4. Bro J says:

    Great pictures! Bards told me that you emailed me. Sorry i didn’t receive it. If you want the original format and size of your picture, please email me again at and i’ll be more than willing to email the pictures to you. Were you at the VSO race? Di kita nakita. Di tuloy kita nakunan. Sana may bago kang running photo, hehehe.

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