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Posted: November 12, 2008 in my favorite runs, my trips 2008
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img_1766Swirling hues of orange and reds and pinks are reflected on a bluish sea. The waves roar into a mocha colored beach that stretches for miles in both direction.  It is a mix of coquina shells and sand which gives it a very loose texture. I’ve walked up and down this beach every morning this past 10 days. And while I keep wishing I could, I do not dare run in it. The shifting sand in this dune lined beach will be merciless to the knees of those who do not heed its invitation to slow down.

This has been home for the past week. At dawn the sun peeks over the atlantic ocean’s horizon. And then it slowly makes its way across the sky leaving behind a subtle purple-pink hue to signal the day’s end.



It is a quiet beach during the week. You could walk for miles with only the birds for company and the sight of the occasional lone fisherman scanning the horizon as he holds on to his fishing rod.



“Oh look! The birds are having a convention!”

“Birds flock, owls convene!” My sister is quick to reply.

“Well, what do you call that then?” I say as I point to a group of birds standing by the shore facing the Atlantic Ocean. “They are definitely having a meeting!”




Running is best done on the two lane intercoastal highway that stretches beside it. It has a  bike lane which I use during my early morning runs. Most cyclists and other runners wait for the sun to come out. I like running at the break of dawn, when it is a little cooler and the road is not as busy.



There is a lot of greens but very little shade in this highway. Twice I’ve come across a dead racoon sporting tire tread marks on it fur. No alligators or any other reptile sightings yet…

From the house, one side leads to St. Augustine’s. It is America’s oldest city and one bursting with history and charm. It’s got coquina archways and brick lined roads and a view of the bay from it’s gates. There’s a fort and even a lighthouse that I am wanting to explore. Somewhere along this route Ponce De Leon went in search for the fountain of youth. I can understand why he would think it would be in this place. Time does seem to slow dow in in this part of the world. I haven’t come across that yet in my runs. Perhaps tomorrow…For now, it’s time to put my feet up and enjoy the sound of the roaring waves as it echoes through the house.

  1. lonerunner says:

    Very very relaxing pictures! wow!

    Very very relaxing place… Thanks. Glad you liked the pictures. 😉

  2. Hey Mesh, missing you here the past few races, hope you’re having a good time there..

    Hi Chito! I had a marvelous time. Thanks. I’ll see you in Singapore! I’m sure deep, deep down, beneath all these layers of panic, I am starting to get really excited and am starting to look forward to the run. 🙂

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