san antonio rock n’ roll marathon

Posted: November 22, 2008 in marathon, my trips 2008, running
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First some pictures…roknrolsatThen some numbers as reported by San Antonio News…

30,000 people registered
24,806 people started
24,559 people finished

7,526 finishers
4,025 men
3,511 women

17,033 finishers
5,644 men
11,389 women

The winners for the half marathon:


Temp: 35 degrees F. I was freezing!

Layers of clothing: 3 by the time I crossed the finished line.

My official race time 1:57:43, number 941 among the women.  According to my Garmin it was 1:57:02.  But with a race this good, this fun, this scenic…I’m not gonna quibble over a few seconds. In fact, I’d run the whole course again in a heartbeat…

The story/ expo report/race report/encounter with bart yasso/ stalking of brian sell etc will all have to come later… when my brain has finally caught up with me. Right now it’s still flying somewhere over the pacific ocean.

It’s great to be home. Time to change these flying/travel shoes back to my iron running shoes.

  1. sfrunner says:

    Congrats on the half marathon. I heard about it from Bards and Jay on the day I left the Philippines. It’s a little unusual that San Antonio gets that chilly. However, I said the same thing about Houston about 10 years ago and the marathon we ran that day was 31 degrees on a cloudy January morning.

    The numbers starting and finishing are impressive as well. Hope you felt you did well and had a good time there.

    Hi Wayne! I had a great time. It was amazing fun. I’m actually looking at the 2009 schedule of races just to see if there’s one that will sync with my travel schedule for next year.
    I’m sorry I missed you on your visit to Manila. I’m reading the stories and it looks like you had a great time as well. I actually flew in and out through SFO. Anyway, I’m sure there will be other opportunities to say hello. I love the Bay Area. It’s 2nd home to me.

  2. Gene says:

    Sub-2 hours for the 21k run, grabe ang lakas muna! (baka sira Garmin mo :-)) Hey, must be the air in Texas, you even uploaded a personal pic hehe 🙂 Sub-4 sa Singapore!

    Di lang Garmin ang sira! And yes, a personal pic. Don’t I look good holding that guitar? 🙂 Sub 4 for a half marathon? Aba syempre naman!

  3. runmd says:

    great PR finish! i was waiting for you in central park . . . .

    Thanks. I was hoping to get to central park. Apparently it’s more than 21K away from Jacksonville! 🙂
    I’m sure you enjoyed your runs anyway. Hopefully we can do that in October next year. Aren’t we running the NY marathon? Dreaming is always free… especially for running lunatics 😉

  4. bards says:

    congrats on the sub2. alam mo naman ang evil plan ko for you sa SG hehehe

    Haha! Thanks Coach B! Of course I know the plan….First use knees to kneel then use knees to crawl to the finish when necessary… Correct?

  5. littlea says:

    Great job in your half! I had a few friends running the full and one ran the half. I think you must have crossed the finish line one right after the other! I’m glad you enjoyed Texas!

    Thanks! It was fun. One day maybe I’ll be able to go at your blazing speed. 1:45???!! I can only dream of that day. Maybe next lifetime. I’m definitely going to plan another trip back to Texas one of these years.

  6. loonyrunner says:

    congrats! that was a fast 21 k 😀 good luck sa singapore! nice seeing you yesterday at the MKH doing your training run 😀

    Haha! More like training walk. Selective Amnesia… I forgot how those hills can attack the legs and butt…:-)
    Great to see you too with your rocket boosters…

  7. sundaywarrior says:

    Welcome back Mesh! great race and time at that, how much more if you’re not freezing?

    Haha! If I wasn’t freezing I would have clocked in at a much slower pace! 🙂 Those bands lining the route were fun to watch and listen to and so were the cheerers lining the road.

  8. keti says:

    Congrats! Nice to see you last Sunday, too bad I had to rush home :o( nakaka miss kayong lahat, let’s have a T2 get together after Sing ha!!!

    hay! I am so looking forward to that! 🙂

  9. Bro J says:

    Congrats on your great run! Sub 2hrs for 21K, grabe! Welcome back, i saw a picture of you at the UNICEF race from one of the blogsite. Hope to see in future races!

    Thanks BroJ! Haha! Yeah. Got a treat from DATC. I wasn’t actually in that race, I just ended up in the middle of it! I was just going for a 20K training run. Figured it was a good way to shoo the jetlag away!
    Yes, I look forward to meeting you in a future road race. Maybe after the Singapore Marathon. 🙂

  10. jon says:

    Perhaps I can’t beat my sister in anything over ten miles. . . But I beat you!

    Great job on your PB, maybe I’ll see you around someday, if your ever in the states for a race.

    oooh a challenge…and one issued out from across the oceans at that…haha! 😉
    yup, you beat me! thumped me even. i’ve learned early on never to argue with a guy who knows how to handle a hockey stick! and yes, maybe someday i’ll see you at one of the road races in your part of the world. you are always welcome to come over and join ours. just be ready for the humidity…

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