Wonder Woman has left the building! (singapore marathon I)

Posted: December 9, 2008 in marathon, my favorite runs, running
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42.195 kilometers. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008. My first marathon.

For more than a year now, Wonder Woman has been squatting inside my head. Wonder Woman– the woman who wonders out loud if I actually have it in me to go the full 42.195 distance. She’s that woman who resides in the attic and is always trying to raise hell. The one who responds to every word, phrase, sentence of marathon related chutzpah and bravado I utter with her raised eyebrow quickly followed with the inevitable “I wonder if you can back those up with action?”

“We’ll see soon enough!” I would bravely reply as I make a quick grab for my high-tech security blanket that looks very much like my mobile phone and speed dial a friend’s number. Arrrgh!

Wonder Woman not only has a very strange fashion sense. She is also a very annoying roommate!

The alarm sounded at 3:30 am. I woke to a morning that came way too early in the day. I crawled out from under thick down comforters, stumbled towards the room’s mini bar, and got my caffeine fix.  Batgirl was already gulping down her pre-race pasta meal. I took a peek inside the take-out box and decided I would pass on it that morning. No more pasta for me! I’ve had all the pasta I could take for the year. I’ve used up my December and perhaps even January’s pasta quota in the two days we were in Singapore. If I had to gulp down another pasta dish, I knew I definitely wouldn’t need to worry about getting to the finish line. I was dead sure I wouldn’t even have to crawl to get to the finish line. I could just roll there…

“I’m just having a banana!” I announce to the universe and to no one in particular. “And maybe this cute mini muffin!”  And because they are so cute, I have two. One tastes like chocolate, the other one sweet and nutty. Just the way I like it. Perfect! After breakfast, I take an ice cold shower, put on my race gear on and turn the TV on. CNN is showing a special: SCREAM BLOODY MURDER. Christiane Amanpour repeats this phrase a number of times.  I meditate (and do my best at taming my unruly hair) as Christiane Amanpour’s voice drones on in the background. She sounds very much like my guardian angel sounds in my head whenever I end up having a conversation with her.Hmmm. Maybe Christiane Amanpour is my guardian angel? Is “scream bloody murder!” supposed to be my race mantra? I meditate more on this. The room stays quiet. All three of us inside are wrapped up in our own twilight zones…

By 4am Batgirl’s cellphone is beeping. RunMD is on his way. Serious Cat, Batgirl and I all troop out to the quiet lobby and meet him there. We greet each other with small talk, some tittering and lots of  nervous chuckles.

By the time we start walking towards the START AREA the sun is still nowhere near Singapore’s horizon.  There’s an almost palpable buzz in the air. Runners in all forms and sizes are already filling the streets. My head is humming with thoughts…A hornet’s nest of thoughts! Far too many vying for attention. I shut them all out. I have no room for them now.  Silently I pray that Christiane Amanpour does a good job keeping Wonder Woman entertained in my hotel room.  I had left Wonder Woman there. She can keep herself busy baby- sitting my gremlins of doubt. Where I was going, they were certainly not allowed to follow!

For on that day, on the morning of my first marathon run, I had no space for Wonder Woman inside my head. I had left no room for her. I had trained 16 weeks to go the full distance. I had logged in my 1000 kms. I had no need for a crazy woman to question my every step. And she certainly wasn’t going to be allowed to ridicule my sun-kissed dream. This 35-year-old little girl was headed for the run of her life. I was going to run my race, my first marathon… And I was set on running light.

First, the story in pictures…



RunMD, Batgirl and Me

RunMD, Batgirl and Me


batgirl and me


RUN!! img_2294Now run some more…web-ggcb0779

Follow the Kenyan Blur….


img_2295Wait for meeeeee!!!!

picture-19waah!!! There’s a half naked man infront of me!!

7Ouch!!! whose idea was this again? But really, the little girl inside of me was jumping up and down with glee! Wonder Woman, you are definitely moving out! Does anyone know if THE FLASH is looking for some place to crash in this part of the world? Please tell him to give me a call. I could definitely use a new roommate!


THE RESULTS:mysgrace1

Later maybe, my marathon run story…

  1. run unltd. says:

    Congratulations Mesh, you’re now a certified marathoner. Your stats are amazing. What a sterling performance. Rest now and savor the feat. See you then.

    Vener – run unltd.

    Thanks a lot, Vener! Maybe next year I can set my sights on qualifying for the milo marathon too. 🙂 But there are months and miles of running to go before that happens. I’ll see you on the road!

  2. prometheuscometh says:

    Take a bow Mesh! Great appetizer together with the recap and photos! Now on to the main course….and I am very hungry for this marathon story mind you.

    Haha! I would bow except I’m afraid I will probably not be able to stand up straight after! Thanks a lot Jay! It was great to see you at the ULTRA during our recovery run!

  3. sundaywarrior says:

    Congrats Mesh, you really made it to your goal, see you next race..

    Thanks Chito! The next big goal is the chocolate buffet at the Pen! 🙂 Dream big, right? Haha!
    And congratulations to you too! What’s next?

  4. loonyrunner says:

    wow! great time 😀 congratulations!

    hay naku. please tell my legs that so they will stop whining! Salamat po! Had you lent me your rocket boosters I’m sure i would have made it to breakfast at a faster pace! So kelan na ang hindi bandit FULL? It’s amazing fun, isn’t it? (just ignore the manic laughter 😉 )

  5. bugobugo says:

    good work good neighbor.you nailed it.

    thank you good neighbor! Pahiram naman bagoong at suka, o. 🙂

  6. ricov says:

    Good times, great stats. 🙂 This stranger is very pleased that you have conquered Singapore (and booted out Wonder Woman!). We look forward to the rest of your marathon story.

    Thank you! And not a stranger for long, i hope. The roads are best shared with friends…especially the ones we choose to run in. 🙂

  7. Christy says:

    Congrats. I enjoyed reading your blog.

    Thanks! It’s how I detox the stress from the day. Who knew a masochist was hiding in my closet?! Haha.

  8. bro J says:

    Congrats Mesh. Ang galing mo! Great run! Nice pictures.

    Haha! Thanks Bro J! And yes, it was a run worth savoring.

  9. DATC says:

    Congrats to you and all the voices in your head! You overcame wonder woman! Amazing that you finished ahead of 82% of the men, halimaw ka na rin! 🙂

    Hrrmmrmm… I may have to rethink my running strategy then. You mean that I significantly lessened the field of good, able-bodied men I could ogle by running at my pace? Goshdarnit!! 😉 I just knew I was doing something wrong! Talk about a eureka moment! Hahaha!

  10. m8parco says:

    Congratulations!!! Galing galing galing!

    Regards Mark & Tiffin

    Double congratulations to you guys! WOW!! 😉 At salamat po!

  11. Congrats Mesh! Nabitin ako sa marathon story. Looking forward to reading it.

    Did you write this in the airport while we were all busy searching for food? 🙂

    Thanks Jaymie! By the looks of it you had an awesome run (knee drama and all) ! Congratulations! You definitely showed that knee who the real boss is by pounding it to submission! Haha! 🙂 That should teach it to misbehave! And no, I wasn’t writing this at the airport. I was actually writing the office and filing for a leave extension… and then, of course, I turned around and approved the request! 🙂
    As for the full marathon story…well, life is indeed like a marathon and right now let’s just say I’m dawdling at the water stations!

  12. Gene says:

    Enakup! Ang galeeng naman, congrats!

    Enakup!! um, salamat po! (sino si enakup?) 😉

  13. DATC says:

    Let’s put it this way – you give the men a chance to ogle you from behind rather than you ogling them.

    haha! Let me reply to that by telling you a little story. There was an Asian man running in Singapore with a Kenyan flag tattooed in his right arm. I knew it was a Kenyan flag because I was educated by facebook! When I found myself rubbing sticky elbows with him I just had to ask “Don’t you feel like a moving target with that tattoo?” He smiled a broad smile and said that I was actually the first to notice it. It was him poking a little fun at himself. It was sort of an inside joke. It was between him and the universe. And now it was between him and the universe and me! I like stories like that. It’s like running a marathon with a treasure hunt mixed into the whole thing. And that is why I will never be the girl who will be comfortable running fast unless there is a man with a knife running right behind me.. It’s a waste of good story opportunities. And besides, running fast is tiring!

  14. highaltitude says:

    Mesh, congratulation!
    You look great tho, perfect running form!

    Hahaha! The first and only time someone actually tells me I look great in my blog– and it’s because of my running form!! And I thought it was because I had taken the time to actually comb my hair! 🙂 But, Thank you! I had a lot of fun running! 🙂

  15. dingdong says:

    wow mesh nice to see that you have finally unmasked yourself in your blog. now everybody knows who owns those iron shoes. be careful, they might get stolen. thank you for the support during the run. i felt so alone at km 25-26 and was constantly on the look out for people i knew after we parted ways at km 2-3. it’s a good thing i saw you, it gave me more energy to run further.

    🙂 actually my evil plan was to tie a rope around your waist and have you drag me all the way to the finish!! that ECP part was really difficult because the roads were much narrower. malapit na rin ako mabaliw nun.

  16. runmd says:

    wrong plan. you should have dragged me to the finish line so i’d finish earlier and not wallow in self-pity. your iron shoes were faster than my nike.

    Again, let us make this clear:
    Nike hangs out with the goddess of war. She is driven by a search for glory. It is a tiring pursuit. But well worth it, i hear.
    Iron shoes hangs out at the breakfast table. She is driven by the promise of food. Sometimes It is a tiring pursuit. But should she miss breakfast there is always lunch. 🙂

  17. Philip says:

    I cant believe it is the first time I got on your site. I have now marked it and follow it more often. Congrats on the Singapore.

    🙂 Blame it on my natural tendency to gravitate towards the quiet, dimly lit corners… Haha! Thanks for the visit! I guess I’ll see more of you (mostly your back) as you zoom around the ULTRA track!

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