my sunset run…

Posted: December 18, 2008 in myphilosophy, run, running
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My mind swirls, like the rays of a setting sun, around one thought.

What do I do next?

A radiant fireball hangs above a deep and quiet sea.  It is sunset over Fuego.

A steep walk awaits all runners headed for the start line. A small group is  gathered around the blue and white banner at the roundabout. Some runners sit by the curb, others simply stand around near the start line. Waiting. Waiting for the signal to begin.

There is but a thin, red line streaking over the horizon now. The sun follows a demanding schedule. It waits for no one.

It is going to be a rollercoaster of a run.  10Kms of inclines and rises and steep drops. A butt killer of a run. A relentless series of ups and downs and disguised flats.  I simply call it my compressed hell.

What’s the plan?
Run the pace your legs dictate. This is a recovery run after all! This same time last week you were raising a margarita glass, surrounded by your best friends,  celebrating your marathon run finish.

What’s the plan?
Run to the rhythm your heart beats out. This is your last race for the year. Enjoy it and celebrate the feel of the road under your feet.

What’s the plan?
Run with all the fierceness your soul could muster.  All great endings deserve that.

What’s the plan?

The signal is given. Hoots and hollers and loud cheers erupt from the crowd but it is immediately drowned out by a thundering  of foot falls.

The Fuego-Mizuno Sunset race is finally on!

What is the plan?! Run! Just run! Run your joy with the setting sun!

For we all know that as the sun sets over one horizon, it rises in another…

Every sunset comes with its own bag of promises. There is the promise of rest, of some quiet, healing and renewal. The coming darkness need not be feared if it is embraced with hope. For isn’t that what every sunset shows us? Darkness is ushered in; A comforting blanket pulled slowly across the sky with the sun’s rays tightly wrapped around its edges.

Sunrises follow Sunsets. Dawn swiftly follows Dusk.

For now, celebrate this ending. There will be time enough for making new plans. There will be time enough for new beginnings.

That’s what dawns are for.

  1. loonyrunner says:

    nice post 😀

    hey, congrats on the 1000km… welcome to the club! 😀

    Thanks! Now on to infinity (infinity being equal to 2000Kms) and beyond! Haha!

  2. myironshoes says:

    We interrupt this post for another IN THE SERVICE OF WORLD PEACE ANNOUNCEMENT:

    1. For reviews of the race, stories about the actual events that took place, pictures etc… PLEASE VISIT BANANARUNNING’S SITE! It’s there in the blogroll—->
    2. No, Snuffy, I did not win! Hello! My last name is not SABAL! He won with a time of 50.18!
    No. I did not set a 10K PR. I don’t think anyone, except the truly insane or the truly hardcore will try to set their PR on the FUEGO HILLS. I am not yet at that point. Insane, I mean. Maybe next time. BUT… I did manage to cut my time by 5 1/2 minutes from my last race there. I came in at 1:00:52 #12 in about 30 runners. It’s not my 10K PR. I am not really certain what my 10K PR is now. I’m sure it’s somewhere in this blog. Maybe, Batgirl does though. She’s got a brain organized like an excel spreadsheet. Mine is still stuck on the last puto and dinuguan I ate. But anyway, this run was never about the numbers.
    I don’t have any more numbers to share. Except perhaps this. BATGIRL WON 3rd in the 5K. Woohoo! You should see her pix with the medal. So go see it.
    Hay… PEACE.

  3. Swthrt of BroJ says:

    it was really nice meeting you myironshoes…it’s a dream realized! thank you for all the tips on how to lose weight.. hope it will work on me… so I can run well na… thanks to RunMD, too.

    It was great to meet you too, ummm.. Swthrt, este Baby! (ang sweet naman natin sa isat-isa!) haha! 🙂 And yes, if you need more tips on losing… losing weight, losing keys, losing sanity… increasing levels ang expertise ko sa mga yan! But really, hope it helps. Wag mong pakikingan si RunMD! Doctor yun! Us regular mortals need to stick together! 🙂 I’ll see you soon. (At hinanap ka ni Bards when she finally came in!)

  4. This is almost like a poem. Here’s to happy endings and new beginnings. See you at more runs in 2009. 🙂

    Carl Sandburg once said: ‘Poetry is a diary kept by a sea creature who lives on land and wishes he could fly.’ Let’s just say that I am hoping that somehow I am able to satisfy this ‘yearning to fly’ (which I believe I share with most people) through running… because I, sure as heaven, am never ever going to achieve flight through my poetry! Hehe!! Sabi nga ni Benilda S, ‘Ano ba ito? mag-prose ka na nga lang!” 🙂
    Here’s to happy endings and new beginnings indeed for all of us! Oh I can’t wait for 2009! Happy running and a very merry Christmas to you (and your loved ones)!

  5. lonerunner says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOW! Great, great, great writing! This post is excellent. 🙂

    Uuy!! Naliligaw ka pa rin pala dito?! Haha! Thanks! Alam mo naman, paminsan minsan, I do have to let that senti-medyo-mental girl out of the closet! 😉

  6. lonerunner says:

    oo naman fan ako( gya ni fitmommy) ng blog mo e. 🙂

    haha! talk about having our very own MAD (mutual admiration) circle! 🙂

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