Posted: January 10, 2009 in running
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Grawlix: a sequence of typographical symbols used mostly in comics to represent a non-specific, profane word or phrase [#@$%*!]

Grawlix is exactly what this morning felt like after a planned 10-kilometer run with Mighty M became an exercise in pure frustration.  I had not even gotten three kilometers out of my legs when a now so familiar pain started radiating from my right knee to my thigh once again.

On a pain level of one to ten, how would you rate the pain this morning? My physical therapist (PT) asked solicitously.

Ten! Was my quick reply.  An eight or a nine wouldn’t have made me stop running. It was a grawlix ten!

My PT could only shake her head. Ok. We need to get more work done. I’ll get the doctor.

I really, really hope that the moron of a cyclist who mistook my right leg and shoulder as brakes for his bicycle is in gluteus maximus pain hell right now.

That said, it’s back to sunshine and happy thoughts… or maybe not.

I’m not going to go into the details of my four hours in the torture chamber with the good  ol’ doc or else I will end up spending the rest of this day in grawlix territory. There are enough accounts on the web about the pain runners are willing to go through just to get back on the road again. There’s The Bull Runner’s dry needling story. And then there’s Kulitrunner’s ISmart with all the scary looking implements. Theirs are far more coherent, informative and reality based stories. Given my penchant for wild, escapist ruminations, my tale will probably end up being populated by trolls, masked villains and whatnots by the time I’m done with the telling. And to think that the whole treatment was drug free!  Suffice it to say that the first time my PT wheeled-in those blunt metal thingamajigs used in the treatments I started expecting Mr. Stamper, the sadomasochist torturer in the James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies, to walk in the door! It wasn’t him that walked in. But what ensued felt like torture nonetheless. 

I can’t wait to go running on the road again. There’s actually no doctor imposed ban of any sort. The doctor knows me well enough to figure out that a NO from him will simply cause me to go into stealth mode about this whole thing.  There is that small voice inside my head though that keeps begging me to be patient and to give my legs time to heal. I am trying to listen. This whole waiting game, more than the actual pain from the legs or from the treatments, is the most annoying, grawlix inducing part of this whole ordeal.

  1. Ray Abe says:

    Hi Mesh!

    I hope your condition not only heals fast, but correctly/right, too.

    Get well soon so you can get back on the road!

    Just let karma do its thing 😉

    Yeah, Karma can be a pretty thorough gal. I like having her in-charge! 🙂

  2. run unltd. says:

    Hi Mesh, I hope you will overcome this injury well, you have iron legs and you are wonder woman no less. Rest well and you’ll be all right.

    Hi Vener! Haha! Mas iron nga lang yung bisikleta! Ok lang iron tigas ng ulo rin naman ako so patas na lang kami. Thanks. I look forward to seeing you guys on the road again soon. 🙂

  3. ricov says:

    I was about to say, “Ano ba namang cyclist, yan!”, but then I realize hindi rin naman ako ganon kagalingan mag-bike. So get well soon na lang….I agree with the waiting game, %#@+*!!!!. I guess we just have to content ourselves with writing grawlix with flourish, or just blog about it. Hope to see those IronShoes soon 🙂

    Allow me to share a tidbit of wisdom from one of my mentors, DAVE BARRY– “Magnetism is one of the Six Fundamental Forces of the Universe, with the other five being Gravity, Duct Tape, Whining, Remote Control, and The Force That Pulls Dogs Toward The Groins Of Strangers.” I’m done whining. Time to get back on the road…somehow… 😉

  4. Oh I pray for your quick recovery from that injury! Hope that it will be healed sooner than expected… my regards.

    Thanks Swthrt for those sweet thoughts! 🙂 I look forward to running around with you sa ULTRA and on the road soon!

  5. Bro J says:

    Hi mesh, Get those iron legs well for the ironshoes! Hope your feeling better now. Hope to see you in training and races soon!

    Haha! 🙂 Actually I was just telling my friend that with my knee support and my ankle support and all the other accoutrement i had on for running– i was beginning to look like robocop’s twin! Thanks broJ. I’ll see you guys soon.

  6. keti says:

    …yes, we miss you too!

    Awwww! 😉 Don’t worry. I’ll come out of retirement soon. I’ll put the guitar away after this weekend. It’s boring playing rockstar all by my lonesome anyway.

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