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Posted: January 14, 2009 in running
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“Ack! You must never spring these things on me!” I glare accusingly at my trainer.

My trainer with his translucent whip (or is that a measuring tape?) stares straight back at me. His eyes devoid of mercy or even pity.

“Get on with it” He prods. “But first, take all your jewelry off and your socks.”

I look with resignation at the Incinerator of hope and false dreams (aka Tanita Weighing Scale) and take one long deep breath before I place my two feet solidly within its bounds.

I hate days of reckoning like this.

It’s time to fine tune my 2009 goals. This was to be  step one of my goal setting project.

First of many goal setting activities: Figure out ideal weight target.
Second of many goal setting activities: Enjoy a scoop of Cherry Garcia ice cream to offset the trauma.
Third of many goal setting activities: Review 2008’s best and worst list (accomplishments, failures, fumblings….)

  1. Run A Marathon- check
  2. Hit ideal weight target- Are you kidding me? Ideal weight target (according to the INCINERATOR)  is 106 lbs for  my 5’3″ frame! The last time I was anywhere near that  I was 12 years old!  And even then I was already 6 lbs off target! Ummm. Throw that goal into the trash. Next…
  3. Run Injury Free- Hah!
  4. Have a 6 pack…Huh?

Actually, at this point I’ve just started copying Batgirl’s set goals last year. Because, to be honest, my brain, my body, overall-me simply does not work that way! I’m more the wing-it girl. Not exactly the type with the patience to sit still and agonize through the goal setting process. I do make goals. I just rarely take the time to sit down and have small talks with them. Having a rebellious right leg and all this  no-running time changed all that. Now I have the time. So much of it in fact that it is driving me nuts. (Like i needed an excuse!)

Goal Setting. How exactly do we do that? I tap into the wisdom database of my family:

You must always have a basis for your plans – empress Mum

Set very specific goals with which  you can measure your success by. – again empress Mum

God will hold you by the neck but he will not strangle you!- my grandfather

Right!  Goal setting.

Basis. I need a basis.

agcSo I grab all the PBs/PRs that I can remember from 2008 and I run them through the AGE GRADED PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR for some age-graded scoring.

Now what exactly is the age graded performance scoring?

Age-Graded Scoring was originally developed to do two things:

  1. Provide each race finisher with a percentage value score that will enable them to judge their performance against any and all others without bias to age or sex. So, no matter how old you get, your Age-Graded Score or “performance percentage” will be judged against the standard for your current age within your gender. And as your performances decline with advancing age (and they will), so too will the standards used to calculate your Age-Graded Score, thereby giving you a true measure of your performance. Who knows, although your actual finish times may get slower over the years, you could actually improve in Age-Graded score like a fine wine.
  2. Correct each person’s performance, no matter what age, to what it would have been (or will be) in their “prime” athletic years. This allows for very interesting comparisons. You can compare your current performance to previous ones over the same or any distance. You can compare your performance to other runners of any age and either gender. You can even compare your performance to the elite athletes.

My 10K, 15K, 16K (10mi), 21K all fall within the 53-56% age performance percentile. Not bad. Nothing spectacular either. I think we will work to get that closer to 60ish. If you want to read up more on age graded scoring, click HERE.
My 42K time came in at  a sad 46%. Boo! Says the Grumpy inside my head!  Will need to work on that…However, should I turn 70 years old by tomorrow, my 4:45:28 marathon performance will be equivalent to 3:25:00 and will fall within the fabulous 68% ranking! Snuffy was definitely on to something! If you can’t hit the time required then stay at pace and just get older.

So now, goals set.

What’s the plan?

Good question.

  1. Ray Abe says:

    Hi Mesh,

    I hope to see you on Sunday! I wish my bib will have bling, too 😉

    Hi Ray! I haven’t registered for the race this Sunday. But next Sunday I will definitely be at the Happy run with my bling-bling bib courtesy of the banana…. 🙂

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