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Posted: January 15, 2009 in running
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Here I was agonizing over the weekend if I still had the legs to sign up for the local marathon this March only to find out this week that it’s gone! Gone! Before I could even come up with enough reasons to do it… or to talk myself out of it!  It’s gone?!  Not that I was all that crazy about the route in the first place but Sneaky Universe was not going to let me have a say in it after all!  I could have enjoyed my weekend more had I not wasted all that time wrestling with the decision demons! But then again, at least I did come up with the bare bones of my training plan for this year.

First things first, find a marathon or two to train for…

Marathons in this part of the world being so few and far between, I’m forced to set my sights across the oceans. I need to find marathons that will work with my travel schedule. Two for this year would be perfect. One needs to happen sometime in June/July and the other one in November. 

The course/marathon route is very important to me. If I’m going to be spending months training for it and then flying across oceans to run it then it should really be something I can get excited about. I’ve always preferred running the long distances anyway. It gives me time to settle into the pace and enjoy my surroundings. It allows me to finish all the ongoing conversations inside my head and to even start new ones…

Not all these marathons work with my schedule this year (Thank goodness for that!) But then, there’s always next year.

bigsurBig Sur International Marathon, April, Monterey, CA

Spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, winding, hilly roads shaded by huge redwood trees, classical music played on a piano atop Bixby Bridge…what more can I say? Except that I know it will be amazing fun! But I’ll save this for next year. I’ve got to have stronger marathon legs for this event. It’s a very challenging course from what I’ve read. 

sfomarSan Francisco Marathon, July, San Francisco, CA, USA

I think this will be it this year. San Francisco was home for 4 years so it’s familiar territory. San Francisco is one of four cities I really enjoy visiting. The three other cities are Stockholm, Paris and Sydney. I’ve read up on the marathons in Stockholm and Paris. Both  are also must-dos in this lifetime too. Just not this year. As for Sydney, I will go visit next year. 

medocMarathon du Medoc, September, Puillac, France

It’s not your ordinary marathon.  It’s one that encourages you to take your time on the course. You still need to finish within the 6-hour time frame though. And there are runners who run it fast.  It’s set in the stunning Bordeaux region of France. The course winds through ancient villages and vineyards.  Only a limited number of runners can join this race. There are 22 refreshment stands (wine offered with the water), 21 food stands and special gourmet stands (oysters, ham, steak, cheese, ice cream, Medoc attic, etc.).  There is also that bottle of Medoc wine awarded to every finisher.

ING New York City Marathon, November, New York City, NY USA

Definitely one of the world’s great road races. It’s the ultimate in my marathon list at this point. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and am really hoping to make it in through the lottery system. If it doesn’t happen this year then I’ll just keep applying until they HAVE TO ACCEPT ME. It says so in their rules. Three denials will get me to the start line and running through the five burroughs.  I do read the fine print! 🙂

outerbOuter Banks Marathon, November, Outer Banks, NC, USA

As second choices go, this isn’t bad at all. In fact I’m also quite excited about it.  Outer Banks, NC is a beautiful place and I’m glad for the excuse to visit. Here’s the course description from their website: The OBX® Marathon is a point to point course. The Marathon will start in Kitty Hawk, providing breathtaking views of the Albemarle Sound; traverse the famous Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills; meander through the lush Nags Head Woods Maritime Forest; take you through some of our finest neighborhoods with cheering supporters; pass the largest sand dune on the East Coast at Jockey’s Ridge State Park; cross the beautiful Washington-Baum Bridge; and finish on Roanoke Island near where the first English colonists landed in 1587.

These two are in home territory but since no details have been released yet there really is no point in making any plans. 

Milo Marathon 

I like the course. I run some of that route on a regular basis. It passes by my playground. I think that of all the marathons we have in this city, this one is the best organized one and it’s managed by an experienced crew.  Why am I not running it this year? Well, I still don’t know when exactly it’s going to take place.

Subic Marathon

It’s probably more correct to say a marathon in Subic! The last one I joined wasn’t organized well. It’s a good thing I only signed up for a 10K then. A pity because the course is scenic and challenging at the same time. If the organizers only pay more attention to the pertinent details of the race I think this can grow to be a very interesting and exciting race not just in the country but in the region as well.  I am not saying they shouldn’t hire entertainment in a glamorous gown to come and sing for the runners. They had one do that last time. It  was a bit of a surreal experience but  it’s the detail that stands out in my memory.  Now all they need to do is 1.Start on time 2. Provide enough water and road support 3. Measure out the correct distance for the course.

Well, my list is done. I just need to get Sneaky Universe to work with me on this so I can get down to the really interesting part…running!! 😉 

  1. kingofpots says:

    mesh, why not try 1st pasadena marathon on 22 march or la marathon on 25 may? i am inviting you for a 42K “runabout” on march 8. details will be posted in my blog soon. keep on running!

    Halloo BR! I did look at the Pasadena marathon but March is trade show season for me around Asia so I need to stay close to home. The March 8 runabout seems workable though.I will definitely be there! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Lea says:

    Hi Mesh –

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. Anyway, I’m a filipino runner from Chicago. You should consider Chicago Marathon too! I haven’t done it but I think I would this year. I’m considering Big Sur Marathon or San Francisco Marathon also. We’ll how my training goes….

    Take care,

    Hi Lea! One day I hope to run the Chicago Marathon too! My grandmother lived there for many years so I have great memories of that place. The rock n’ roll Chicago half in August is something I’m looking at right now. Hmmm…Maybe we can do that after the San Francisco Full? Haha! Sorry, sometimes the running maniac simply gets loose! 🙂
    Good luck with your training! Hope you find lots of joy on the road!

  3. moljcy says:

    so much road to cover! hehehe! Im also on still debating with myself when il do my 42 this year….great insight! but i think ill have to look at the local sked or something close to home

    🙂 Tama ka diyan. All that road to cover makes for a very interesting running year! I’d love to run a marathon here! I’m really hoping the Milo one works with my sched. I hope they announce the date soon so I can start getting excited about it na. Haha!

  4. sundaywarrior says:

    Hi Mesh, great options there, Bordeaux is a nice place, cool weather and great wines, i think it’s around 8hrs from Paris by train(?). Anyway hope you’re now okay with your injury..

    Hi Chito! My leg is feeling better now, thanks! I’ve been running on the treadmill. I just need to road test it this weekend.Bordeaux should be beautiful in September. So kelan at saan ulit tayo tatakbo? 🙂

  5. Coach Dean says:

    Mesh – even I would run a marathon like Medoc. I will not guarantee finishing however.

    Haha! I don’t think I’d mind a DNF in this marathon either! I’d probably be having way too much rollicking good fun (read: drunk) to even notice! 🙂

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