old haunt, new stomping ground

Posted: February 14, 2009 in my trips 2009, running

Once in a while, I do need to work…

across the riverGrey-white, swirling mist embraced me in welcome as I walked towards the banks of the river Main. It is almost seven in the morning. 19 odd hours or so after our plane had taken off from warm Manila

Out across the mist-covered river, small tendrils of light reach out over the horizon.

Frankfurt Am Main–the first and last stop of most of my Europe trips! While Frankfurt doesn’t exactly inspire visions of grand playgrounds and rip-roaring night life, it does have its charms. You just have to know where to look…and to be prepared to look very hard! For the last 8 years I’ve spent a minimum of at least 25 days a year in this city. Sometimes, it’s for a bit of play. But mostly it’s for work. Almost always for work.

Because Cupid, my boy-wonder with wings, is always very busy this time of year, I had little choice but to take a lousy plane.  So off I went across an entire continent and over a few countries until I found myself in Rhineland’s gateway–the land of overflowing Hefe beer and, perhaps, even of honey (of the romantic and chocolate toting variety, I hope!) It is Valentine’s month after all where all forms of silly notions are allowed to roam free.

Home, for the last few days, can be found within a wonderful suite of apartments fronting the river. It’s a most darling of a space to twist and twirl in your cocoon. Not a bad area to hang around in. And definitely fronting a very good place to go running in…It would be perfect, really, except for the freezing temperatures part. But then again, this world would be a terribly boring place indeed if everything was perfect.

Asterix, my Belgian friend, says I shouldn’t complain. It’s already so much warmer this week! At least I get some blue skies (not that I really see it) and sunshine (not that I feel it) and it only snows a bit at night. So, to make him happy, I’ve stopped complaining. Now I just mutter and mumble under my misty breath whenever I feel the cold making its way to my bones. I spend the whole day inside a Skyscraper anyway. Frankfurt is one of the few cities in Europe that actually has a smattering of them.

While making a quick run to lunch at the shopping centre the other day, I came upon this scene.

Here is one  interesting building. It’s not that tall but it was definitely envisioned with boldness and daring. A pretty cool architectural detail. I can’t wait for it to get finished so I can explore it inside out the next time I come…

And so, we are off to the new stomping ground.


under the bridge

The first time I tried running out by the river. I felt my face stinging from the biting cold. I caught myself wondering if very soon I would have to add a frozen nose to my list of running injuries.



For the most part, running here has been interesting. Different and yet fun. There are tons of new things to see. And although, I’ve seen most of them before, now I’m looking at them with new eyes. One’s experience of a city really does change with the manner of transport we choose to take when we are in it. Whenever I can, I stop to take some pictures. But I really don’t get to do that as often as I want. When I stop, I freeze. The trick, I was quick to learn, was simply to keep moving.

Pity I don’t have as much time to run as I want to. Sunrise in this part of the world is not until after seven in the morning. I need to be at work by 8am. Sunset comes before 6pm. I get off work at six. So mostly it’s been running in the dark, in the cold, in the rain, in the light grayish mist before the sun pushes itself off in fierce white light over the horizon and across the gray-blue sky. And although I do mutter and mumble, I really have no real reason to complain.


I wish I have more time for play.

But, once in a while, I do need to work…

  1. Ray Abe says:

    Hi Mesh,

    Awesome post (as always) and pictures, too!

    Frostbite is a unique entry in anyone’s list of running injuries 😉


    …raise bottle of beer to lips then drink. I hope you enjoyed your beer as much as I enjoyed mine. 🙂 Prost! Thanks!

  2. Coach Dean says:

    I send warm thoughts from the sunny southwest USA… and at least you’re running and not making weatherexcuses.

    Haha! Well, you already have a whole book of those excuses. The challenge is always in figuring out newer and more interesting ones. And you know how much I love challenges! 🙂 The warm thoughts you sent came wrapped in a white package of powdery snow the next day… Exactly the way I wanted them. Thank you!

  3. sundaywarrior says:

    You’re right, I think you really need to work once in a while ha ha but don’t forget the running coz you don’t burn much with that weather…

    Hmmm… Well, I guess that’s why I should take more wine and beer?! Alcohol burns fast, right? Hehe!

  4. coach salazar says:

    nice experience,
    nice pictures published.
    did you run there?
    see you back with our BR speed.

    Thanks Coach Titus! I should take tips from you on taking better pictures of runners on the move! Buti na lang di mabilis tumakbo ang puno! And yes, I did run but not as much as I wanted to. I’ll see you soon.

  5. cha says:


    very nice pictures mesh.


    i’m hungreeeeh cha. kelan tayo kakain? 😉

  6. bards says:

    bakit kapag europe dramatic lighting ang pictures? 😛 great pics, now stop taking pics and start running.

    my camera plays favorites, i think! 😉 at oo, mahal pa rin tubig!

  7. Bro J says:

    great pictures! pang postcard! Have a safe run!

    salamat broJ. Kaya nga di ko sinasama sarili ko sa pictures. baka di tuloy mabili! Haha!

  8. moljcy says:

    ganda pics! whoa! =)

    haha. buti naman because apparently gloved hands do not follow instructions from freezing brain much. 🙂

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