Inertia Girl

Posted: May 25, 2009 in running

An object in motion will continue to be in motion and an object at rest will remain at rest unless an unbalanced force acts upon it… THE LAW OF INERTIA

Now that everyone has finally stopped asking if I am crazy (they’ve obviously come to their own conclusions) then it’s best to simply keep working according to THE PLAN. The plan is TO KEEP MOVING or as Snuffy was quick to tell me after I got out of the hospital… “You don’t run with your nose, you use your legs and feet! GET ROLLING!! Just not on the bike!”

Got that! Checked! Exactly two weeks after my accident, I do my first long run. Of course this is after I run what we then call the nose unveiling run with my T2 gang.

Ketikat, one of the loudest proponents of the MiSH IS CRAZY movement, finally relents and agrees to run with me on my first day out. Batgirl, of course, runs too. So does VIX and RunMD. We agree to do it at night, under cover of darkness…best not to scare the locals we would be encountering during the run. The nose was, of course, still huge enough to make Bozo the Clown envious. At least it was no longer a glowing red color. Rudolph Reindeer wouldn’t have to sue me over his nose patent.

As soon as we started running, I followed Batgirl. I left her in-charge of the route. She took care of battling the traffic demons and the pace demons and everything else in the outside world. I simply followed. One foot in front of the other until traffic cleared up enough and I could run in relative quiet. The first few minutes we were running, Batgirl kept checking back with me.

“Is your nose ok?” (She asked this a couple of times!)

“Yes! It’s too heavy for me not to notice if it has fallen off!”

“Are you breathing easy?”

“No, I am breathing hard.” Of course I am breathing hard! We were going at a fast pace downhill. Crazy woman! (She’s my friend. I am allowed to call her crazy. I will get away with it! I hope.)

Soon enough they leave me to run in peace. I don’t blame them. I wasn’t exactly very chatty that day. But I wasn’t all that worried either. We did have a doctor with us in this run. I did my best to keep pace with RunMD after we got to the quiet part of the route. This wasn’t all that easy because that man could run fast. But I was determined to stalk his shadow. If my nose did fall off, he would be around to catch it! And to distract the panic demons, I hatch the JOYRIDE PLAN.

Have you started running? The Amazing Doc P asks before we both jump into the pool. We shared the same swim coach, after all!

“Yes,” is my quick answer. “I did 35 Sunday!”

“35 minutes is not bad,” He replies then kicks off from the edge of the pool.

I grin as I watch him swim away to do his laps. I actually meant 35KMs of the Botak Run. What doc doesn’t know won’t cause him sleepless nights…

The Joyride Plan was a pretty straightforward plan. I would simply keep pace with friends during their marathon run. There was no way I could run all 42KMs. And I didn’t really feel like running 42Kms in that crazy heat. So I opted to run the first 10KM on my own and then I told Ketikat I would keep pace with her on the 2nd half of her marathon run… Well, I didn’t exactly tell her. My plan was to simply show up. And show up I did! I figured she wouldn’t be able to Taekwondo kick me out of the route. Her legs would be too busy at that point covering that 42KM distance.

“How many characters do you actually have in your head?” Ketikat asks in the middle of her run. She can’t keep the exasperation from creeping up her voice. My only consolation is that it is also distracting her from the heat.

“Enough,” I reply. “Enough to keep me amused and entertained!”

“And who am I talking to right now?”

“Inertia Girl, of course! You are talking to Inertia Girl!” And I simply keep running beside her…

And I’ve been running ever since.

I am less than 10 weeks away from my SF marathon. It’s a date I never had any intentions of breaking. Not even when I misplaced my nose in Temple Drive. Come the 26th of July, I will be running on that bridge and all 42KMs of San Francisco’s marathon road. And I will keep running until I end up in Boston. Well, definitely not on the same day. Apparently Boston is more than 42Kms away from the Golden Gate Bridge! But that marathon road is certainly part of this whole quest. It might take another marathon or two. And perhaps this will go on for another year. But I am definitely on track. At least that’s what I think. That’s what I need to think! And I am sure my friends (those who do believe I am crazy) will agree with me. They have no choice. I am giving them no choice! I have to believe that because it is what’s keeping the forces balanced…

An object in motion will stay in motion…

There will indeed be time enough for rest. Just not right now. Right now I’m sticking to THE PLAN. And the plan is TO KEEP MOVING…

  1. keti says:

    You’re back! I missed ALL of you! hee hee hee

    well, you already know the slackeroos enjoy hiding out in the attic. took a bit of time but it’s good to be back to normal programming! 🙂

  2. dingdong says:

    Please run the road leading to the NYC Marathon on November. It will not be a fun run without you.

    Haha! It’s not as if I didn’t try. I’m $11.00 poorer for it too… But yeah, at the very least, I’ll be there to cheer T2 on! AND run my marathon the week after! I just need to find one I can sign up for. 🙂

  3. Dean Hebert says:

    you kill me. Keep moving.

    haha! as long as i don’t kill ME then we can definitely stick to the plan! 🙂

  4. aquagirl says:

    inertia girl, good to know that you have opted to stay in motion, than at rest! good to have you back at swim training. i dont get to rest if you are not around. and no one stops me from negotiating the distance UP with coach peter, haha! 🙂

    hahaha! well you know what the law says about the presence of unbalanced forces… 🙂

  5. Ray Abenojar says:

    Great post (as always)! Now I know that (among other things) you’re a Newton fan.

    Good luck on your quest. With all the work you put into it, I believe that it’s not a Quixotic dream 😉

    Well, i do feel a certain kinship with the man. After all, he was also inspired by something falling! 😉

  6. Coach Salazar says:

    ya, keep moving.
    the faster, the heavier the greater the inertia.
    what you need here is focus and be specific to your goal.
    goal setting and law of specificity is all you need to achieve your dream. boston are very easy if you know how to stick to your plan.

    🙂 And focus we will! I wonder what breakfast will be in Boston?!

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