the flurries

Posted: February 14, 2010 in running

The weather report said expect the flurries… hmmm, I wondered. What exactly are the flurries?

HappyHappyJoyJoy was quick to send a reply:

* A small swirling mass of something moved by sudden gusts of wind: like a flurry of snow? This flurry felt more like a bombardment of snowflakes aimed directly at my eyelashes. It was charming in the beginning and quite fun.  But soon enough I found my shoulders aching from being all hunched up in an effort to keep the cold out.

Everyone says it’s the coldest winter they’ve had in years. I couldn’t agree more. My tropical bones can definitely feel the chill creeping in and staying in. I checked the weather before I packed for this trip to Germany. I saw the negative temperatures. I knew then that the running shoes were just going to be dead weight in my suitcase. But I brought it anyway.

It’s definitely the time of the flurries…

A number of things arriving or happening during the same period: like a flurry of activities, planned and unplanned? If only everything went according to schedule (and it rarely ever does in my world) the first real marathon for me this year would have happened on the 7th of this month. I was registered to run the full in Condura. Registered and still wanting to do it even after the full marathon runners had taken off.   I watched from the sidelines as the group was sent off with fireworks and well wishes. But I stayed well enough away from the starting corral until they called for the 21 kilometer runners. It was time to be smart about my training. And I don’t do smart very well. There’s always that extra effort required to keep myself from crashing and burning when I find myself clinging adamantly to a notion saner persons would immediately eschew. That notion that I could still run a full marathon at goal pace even after an ankle injury had sidelined me for weeks? Well, that’s just crazy. That I could finish a marathon at a much much slower walk/crawl pace? Well, that’s still possible. Difficult, but possible! But to what end?

I have been confined to short easy runs in the evenings, 12-15 kilometer runs just to get the marathon legs back into shape. There were other things begging for attention. Work needed to take center stage for a while. At the same time, the ankle kept misbehaving.  I needed to coax it back into form. Condura Run was the test. My longest run yet. I did end up running 37 kilometers that day. But I knew that pushing for a 42 would be a stretch. So what it finally came down to was a 21Km race plus another 16kms after the race.  It was just 5 kilometers short of running the full distance. But to run the entire full would have meant far more junk miles than I could already ill afford.

Condura’s run was a way to establish a base  so I could focus on marathon training at the speed required to make it to Boston. That’s still the plan and until I see that timer that does not go beyond 3:45:59 at the marathon finish line then it remains The Goal amidst a flurry of other running dreams.

A day after the Condura run I was on a plane and winter was waiting…

I guess the flurries do have their uses. I do smart much better when under time pressure. It helps me to prioritize and focus.

• A sudden short period of commotion or excitement: like a flurry of running feet? Two halfs scheduled this month and then my first full marathon at the end of the month in Hong Kong. It is not The Marathon in my books. But it will be an honest effort at running the full distance again. A training marathon because the honest-to-goodness marathon race is now waiting under March’s wings…

I breathe hot air softly on my cupped hands and hot mist forms around it. From the safety of a doorway, I watch white flakes of ice spiral and swirl before they lay a carpet of white on the ground. It’s beautiful, actually. A seeming mad dance is happening outside. People with head bent, shoulders squared are relentlessly making their way to their destinations. Some shuffle, some dash and a few just plod on. I know its time to get back outside and surround myself with the flurry of snow and ice but I still take a few extra minutes in the quiet warmth before I finally fix my cap, take a deep breath and head out the door.

I’ve got no more time to waste. It’s definitely time to get back on the road.

Condura Half Marathon: February 7, 2010 1:55:23

  1. are you still snow running? looks like a difficult place to run, bawi nalang when you’re home.

  2. myironshoes says:

    hay naku mr. coach titus! I tried. slip, slide, slosh and an ACK!!! Panibagong hilot na naman to. haha! -D

  3. sundaywarrior says:

    Hey Mesh ingat sa slips ha, looking forward to your Boston Marathon dream..

  4. Ray Abenojar says:

    Hello My Iron Shoes,

    It’s great to read your posts again!

    You’re just a few seconds off-pace. With a little fine-tuning, you’ll achieve your goal.

    See you on the road!



    “The weather report is on TV
    Whatever the weather
    I will pray
    For blue skies and sunny days
    For good things to come my way
    Chase those clouds away
    Good things will come my way”
    -The Weather Report by Cynthia Alexander-

  5. Bobby says:

    keep on running, mesh. if there’s one gal i know that can make it to boston, it’s you.

  6. myironshoes says:

    chito, that’s a given… the slips i mean. as for BQ, definitely working on it.

    ray,blue skies, sunny days, a hydration pack on my back and grey black asphalt road under my feet… now that makes for a good day indeed.

    bobby, thanks… 🙂

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